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How do I unclog my ears from earwax?

it's called q-tips,wow a new word for ur vocabulary

space cadet
mayonaise helps

clean em more often

With your elbow.

with a cue tip

q tips. clean em more often and they wont get clogged

use q-tips.

Ear candling!! This is a very old method of earwax removal. It's safe, natural and inexpensive. Ear candles can be purchased at health food stores. You can have a friend assist you or find someone who is trained in ear candling by looking in your yellow pages. It sounds weird, at first. It really works, though, to remove deep wax build-up.



If it's really clogged in, try putting a drop of olive oil in every day for a week, then give it a good wash out!
If using cotton buds (q-tips) be careful not too push them in too Far or you will push the wax further in a possibly get an infection!! : )

Use a couple of drops of Hydrogen Peroxide and mix it with a couple drops of vinegar. Repeat two times a day for five days. Itching and ear wax will go away.


ladybug :)
Hydorogen peroxide and water
use a syringe
do a earlavage


OTC called Debrox. Get it with the little pump! And always follow the directions.

24th Princess
I would buy these special ear drops that dissolve ear wax. You can find them in a drugstore or even Wal-Mart. It's usually somewhere near the eye drop section.

If that's not an option, you can try heating up some sweet oil in the microwave. Then take a cotton ball and use it to absorb the sweet oil and stick it in your ear. Both work equally well.

Golden Ivy
pop them but mayonaise yuck!

Take a very hot shower and let the water run in your ears for a couple minutes. This will loosen up most of it. Wipe your ears carefully with tissues afterward. Don't insert anything in your ear canal. If necessary, afterward, flush your ears with warm water again. Use a syringe (turkey baster) but make sure it's clean.

I never heard of candling before; it sounds a lot more dangerous than hot water.

there is an earwax removal kit at walmart in the pharmacy area.

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