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Can a urine drug test tell if its a mans urine or womens urine?
Im gonna be using my girlfreinds urine for my test and i need to know if they can tell if its a womens urine?


Cat Loves LIN 300!
Yes the genetic indicators will come up and the lab techs will know instantly. Maybe you should have tried not using drugs.

absolutely not. don't listen to these idiots trying to scare you into using your own urine. Most likely they've never had to worry about passing a drung test. The biggest problem you will have is keeping it at the right temp. Go to hightimes.com for some good pointers on the subject.

You better pray shes not pregnant or using any drugs...it cant tell gender...but it can tell drugs...LOL..you are one "lame" dude..IT CANNOT TELL GENDER....

Here is an interesting site for you to check out!

of course they can. SHAME on you

The Whopper
yup you got no estrogen in a mans pp

only if she is pregnant

Yep, be better if you used one of your buds peepee!

To determine whether you will pass or not, it is important to know how much of the illicit metabolites are in your urine and how much is tested for.

There is a rumor that gender can be detected in urine, and is tested in medical insurance exams. It's a myth. It may be argued that a pregnancy test can be used to detect the gender of the urine provider, but the same test is used to detect prostate cancer in males.

yes they can tell the difference.

There was a guy awhile back who tried using his gf's pee to pass a drug test....it came back that it showed that "he" was pregnant!

Needless to say....he got busted twice! Once for trying to scam the testers and another for having drugs in his system cause they tested him right there on the spot a second time!

Just go to GNC and get the stuff that helps you pass the drug test. Worked for me and many of my friends.



.:ITS ME...SAY HI!!!!:.
yup...its like how they no if a girls pregnet...use ur boys unire and put it under ur sack!!! but they might not check for it...thouhg u never no!!!

Discovery Tunnelâ„¢. Super Gay EgO
Yes, but if they are testing for drugs ONLY they might not dig that deep BUT then agagin I am not a urine analsyt

where will you be working next week when it shows you have either lied on your app for gender, tried to lie your way out of drugs or a cross dresser.

All of which will get you fired. Or be smart and don't do the crap to start with

Yes, they check that sort of thing and you will get in much deeper sh*t trying to pull that off. Think of something else bro.

it depends on how thorough the testing is. it can be detected, but it depends what kind of job you have and what your employer pays to have done...they will reject it imediately if it is not the right temp. that it should be right out of the body.( heads up dude)

They will get suspicious if it is not warm enough so carry that in your mouth to keep it at 98.6.

Yes they can.

c g

yes they can, but I will tell you the secret to using your own(full of drugs) and still pass the test. All you have to do is take a little tube or container with you to the test with a couple of drops of bleach and drop that in after you pee in the cup. I guarantee they will not be able to find anything. No more that 3 DROPS, otherwise they will be able to smell it and it will change the temperature of your urine which will make them suspicious because they do check the temperature to be sure that is fresh.

YES but it depends on what tests they run.
why would you need to use your girlfriends anyway?
what have you been upto?

Yes they can and they do. Get a guy friend to pee for you.

Joni B
Quit using now. Don't be a loser. Your girlfriend must be nuts if she's clean and you're not and she wants you for a boyfriend.

yes if this is for a drug test...you cannot use anyones urine but your own.I am a MOA (medical office assistant) and when doing urine drug tests you are watched to make sure it is your urine.Stand up and face the consequences if this is what you are worried about Good luck

Yes, they can tell, and I sincerely hope you get caught.

Yes, it can. It detects the levels of estrogen in the urine to determine if it is a mans or womans. You better find a buddy to "Filler Up" for you,

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