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Would a Dentist put a patient under during a root canal?

Usually they wouldn't for a root canal therapy. They will numb you up and you more than likely won't feel anything.

I don't think they do unless you're really nervous and want general anesthesia

I had a root canal and only had novacaine its not bad at all......the after effects are the worse with the drooling and droopy face but it wears off in a few hours...good luck

I know a lot of people who have had root canals done, including myself and the Dentists used local anaesthesia. I have never heard of a patient being put under during a root canal and I don't think a dentist has the necessary qualifications to put a patient under. He is not a Dental Surgeon.

I have done some research and found that the UK is the only country in the world where general anaesthesia is commonplace for dental treatment.

The practice was normal everywhere once, but, over the years, other countries have restricted the use of general anaesthetics to hospitals.

However, modern techniques mean that no dental surgery requires more than local anaesthesia, perhaps used in combination with sedation.

Some patients are allergic to locals such as Novocaine. So, the DDS may only have the option to put them under with a general. Also, the patient may request it so they don't get the droopy face when the local wears off. Even some hardcore patients may elect to go it without any anesthetic at all. For me, give me the drugs, thanks. Appreciate it...night night.

pretty sure they just numb your mouth... no general for this procedure...

i don't think so, but the nitrous sounds good, or some jager before the appointment.

This should NOT be necessary!

don't know but my sister is so deathly afraid of dentist she gets put out for a cavity to be filled

Amanda D
depends on the dentist but some would if you told them a good enough reason to

Francisco L
Well the norm in most dental offices is to place local anesthetic in the tooth where the root canal will be performed root canal its a bit of a long procedure but in most cases patients tolerate it well with local anesthetic being enough but some office due offer i.v. sedation for patients that are more apprehensive of dental treatment the but it will cost a hole lot more extra for the i.v the good thing when you wake up its all over most of the time now to be completely under general anesthesia it will be in a hospital setting and that will cost a hole bunch more and it usually reserved for very medical complex patients so if you need a root canal and you a little bit more money to spare you mite see a root canal specialist (endodontist) its your best bet especially if it is a hard tooth to work like molars the specialist will finsh faster than a general dentist most of the time and with the same or better quality because that is what they do all day so good luck

OOOh, I feel for you! To answer your question, no, most dentists will not knock you out for this type of procedure, as anesthesia is risky. If you are really anxious, talk with your dentist. Most will offer a tranquilizer (if there's someone who can drive you home afterwards!) along with a lot of novocaine. Good luck!!!!

Some will and some won't, if you are worried and would like to be put out ask.

Mine won't...if you find one that will let me know!!!!

I've had two root canals done. My two front teeth were damaged during a school field trip in which I was intentionally tripped. One was broken with the nerve severed in a semi-circle shape. The other was fractured. The initial injury did not cause much pain.

Neither root canal caused much discomfort, and these were live teeth, these were not teeth dying from decay.

Most dentists will NOT put you under for any type of endodontics. Most dental insurance PPO plans will NOT pay for you to have general anesthesia. You would pay the entire cost of anesthesia out of pocket.

An endodontist will sooner simply numb you up and pull the tooth than deal with a overly needy patient.

Probably not unless there was a good reason. There is always risk to being put under, best just to get the local.

They would not unless the patient just couldn't do it without being sedated and then the patient would be responsible for the payment on the anesthesia.

Not that many endodontists are trained to "put you under," if you mean general anesthesia. I am sure there must be some out there, but usually it's an oral surgeon who puts people under.

maybe, or you could just have 'em turn up the nitrous and dont forget your headphones. sunglasses are nice too.

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