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deep blue
Wisdom teeth, how long will it take to come through.?
One of my wisdom teeth has half come through. I've noticed it fully coming out over the last few weeks.

The only problem is, food gets stuck under the skin that its pushing through.

How long will it take to fully come out? I've read that sometimes they wont fully come out. How will i know if it won't keep coming?

The dentist saw it yesterday and didn't say anything about it there being a problem. Would she have known if there was a problem with it.

Sometimes didn't come and it rots before coming out.
Best t o get it before it rots...
Good luck...!!!

Wisdom teeth are kinda unique from person to person. Some people they come in just fine over a matter of a few weeks sometime in their teens (or later). Some people just never get them. Others they come in sideways. And for some like you, they seem to take forever to come in, and maybe never will fully emerge.

Give it a few more weeks. Teeth do grow in slowly and wisdom teeth are good big ones. If you really think that its taking too long go back and see your dentist in a couple of weeks.

Good luck.

Sometimes they don't. You may have to have them removed by an oral surgeon.

I had the same problem until I invested in a water pik-works wonders! You can buy one at any Wallgreens or CVS and it shouldn't be more than 30 bucks. I'm sorry I don't know how long they take to come out fully-I am having mine removed before then.

jade c
weeks maybe months

Cristiano Ronaldo
13 years

it takes time just like regular teeth=try not to worry and it will be in before you know it=if the dentist said its OK,that's great
she would have known as she learned this at dental school

Approximately 3 months.

I'm almost 37 and I have 2 wisdom teeth that have been coming in for almost 6 years now.

ms Annie
I am 34 yrs old and I haven't seen my wisdom teeth yet.My sister is 21 and hers grew in sideways...wierd!

some dentist don't care others you have to tell them that it is bothering you.

if they say it isn't impacted I guess they would know. I'm over 30 and I still have 2 wisdom teeth that have't emerged

Did your dentist take xrays? Looking at the xrays would have given her a pretty good indicator if there was anything to be concerned about. If it's really bothersome, you should mention it to your dentist and see what she suggests. Otherwise, if you prefer to play the waiting game, it could take several weeks for that tooth to fully erupt - if it ever does.

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