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Will your face sink in if you have 2 teeth pulled on one side?
I had a tooth pulled on my right side several years ago and now I need another one pulled rght by that gap. Will this affect my mouth or appearance in any way. I am 29 years old if that makes any difference.

Michelle - Dental Hygienist, USA
you will get what is called 'bite collapse'. your teeth will move and shift around.


as for your face 'sinking in', it could.

you're only 29. PLEASE take better care of your teeth.

It shouldn't. Your jaw is what is holding your mouth like it is.

If you take steps to replace the lost teeth you will have less bone less bone loss and less facial changes. Partial, implant, bridge, something. Since you are young it will not immediately start showing, but after 3-5 years if the space is not replaced it could begin to show. Best to replace it after 8 weeks of healing or immediately following extraction for implants.

don't worry it doesn't make a whole lotta difference BTW ppl like u 4 who u r!!!!

No, your gums and skull are still there

No. I have a similar situation, and even though I was told my teeth would "spread" to fill the gap, it's many years later and that hasn't happened, nor is my mouth or face affected in any way.

Hillary B
Probably not, but if you're worried, you can get a partial

mr. y
ive got a couple pulled and its been years and no my face hasnt sunk,lol.your paranoid.

☆Mrs. Rockstar☆
haha......no silly, that doesnt happen!


Lol, no it wont. I've had all 4 of my wisdom teeth cut out on the top.

Loving Life

Mischele, RN♥
No, it won't. You'll be fine.

Dr. Dave
This will affect your mouth and may have an affect on your appearance also. When teeth are extracted, the bone that holds the teeth in place no longer has a purpose or value, thus
jawbone (upper maxilla or lower mandible) will deteriorate and receed.

If you want a good example of this, ask someone who wears dentures to take them out and have them bite down. Their face will look caved in and wrinkled. It doesn't matter if they are 20 or 60 years of age, the effect is the same.

Now granted, two teeth are not all of your teeth but it sets the ball in motion. The best thing to do is have your remaining teeth along with your gum and bone brought up to optimum dental health and then have the missing teeth replaced.

This will put back full function and stop the domino effect of missing teeth. It will also stabilize the bone so that you won't have any cave in appearance due to the progressive recession of bone about the missing teeth.

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