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Will these foods cause cavities?
Bread,milk,vegetables,fruits, like just the healthy stuff. will avoiding junk food not give me cavities anymore?

Yeah. It's because fast food contain high calories and sugar. It's not good for your health, my sweet baby...

P/S: I'm puckering my lips and sending you my flying kiss -- muax! take care my sweet chubby pie ~ *wink*

if there is sugar in the bread it will. Get sprouted organic bread that stuff is good. No white bread. Fruits will, they are loaded with sugars. healthy though they may be. Vegetables probobly wont. anything with sugar in it will cause cavities is the rule of thumb. sugars promote tooth decay. So not eating sugars will slow tooth decay and lessen the risk of cavities. This does not mean that they cannot occur by avoiding sugars. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR BRUSHING YOUR TEETH 3 TIMES PER DAY AND FLOSSING.

P.S. Tire, where is the love for me?

No, all these foods will give you cavities they all have sugars and starches that turn acid on your teeth.

cavities only come from cane sugar in foods such as: frosting, glazed or frosted donuts, choclate (with fillings and things like that) jucies such as lemonade or apple (if drank constantly) and of coarse candy. hope this help, you can still eat these fodds but if you eat it daily it will give you cavities.

Purple grape juice (the concord grape variety - like welches brand) has natural flouride in it and is said to be good for teeth. Of course everyone here mentioned brushing - that is right. Also, in addition to your genetics you can also have healthier teeth by having a good intake of nutrients and avoid junk food. Sealants - a somewhat pricey but worth it dental procedure - can put a white seal over the crevaces in your molars to help avoid cavities there if you are really prone to bad teeth. It doesn't hurt to get them put on - it's really fast and painless. I think about $60 per tooth and it lasts for 3 years.

vito b
anything with sugar is capable of giving you cavities, but that doesnt mean stop eatign anything with sugar. cavities are the least of your worries. fruits especially have natural sugar, but that is much healthier than it is harmful. If you brush twice a day/ once after every meal, you shouldnt be getting cavities. flossing is also important. It's actually easy to floss and not time consuming.

Avoiding sugary and starchy foods will help because sugars and starches combine with the plaque on teeth to cause decay, but it's very important to brush and floss well and regularly in addition to good nutrition.


cavities are caused by sugar

Any food can cause cavities but junk food is the worst offender. Milk and bread can contribute. Thorough brushing and flossing and eating well is the best way to avoid cavities.

fruits have sugar too ,the best thing to do is brush and floss and visit your dentist at least once a year.

all foods with sugar content will if you don't brush your teeth later.

Tenn Gal
You still need to brush and floss to prevent cavities.

All these foods are very healthy. However, as you eat, some of the food remains will be left in your mouth, as it is impossible for every piece of food to go down your stomach. It is still vital to brush your teeth after eating to prevent cavities.

Actually, you don't even need to abstain from junk food to prevent tooth cavities. All you need is to brush your teeth after eating them.

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