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Will a toothache eventually go away?
Or will it require a filling?

it should go away. try taking some medicene


It is usually a sign of some kind of problem, it could just be a bit of impacted food or you may need root-canal work done. Either way you should book an appointment with your dentist right now.

The toothache will subside (it might feel better after just a couple of days) but expect it to flare up again so don't delay.

it might but it will return if you don't go get it looked at. It depends on what's wrong with it. If you have pain it's for a good reason.


Once the nerve dies, it will go away, but that could take days! Also, if you have a cavity causing the toothache, you're going to want to get a filling. Seriously decayed teeth eventually fall out, and you don't want to have to wear dentures, do you?

some toothaches go away on their own. Try sensodyne toothpaste

Chris H
depends on if you have a cavity. If it persists talk to a dentist

Best to let a dentist look at it. Keep as many of your teeth as you can as I've spent over $10,000 just to keep being able to chew cow. You probably have a cavity exposing a nerve. and brush regularly.

Crystal B
It depends what kind it is if its the common toothache it will go away probably eventually if it doesnt there must be something wrong.if it gets worse contact a dentist.

stacy a
yes, but it will come back. Just go get the dentist to look at it.

honey go to the hospital now, my tooth has been hurting since fathers day, i went to the er 2 times, these ibphoen arent working, i have an ear infection because of it and i have tooth decay and an exposed nerve, im on here looking for help too and ran into your ad! SOMEBODY HELP US! , im crying over here, i just tried the onion remedy, no help, my ear is throbbing and my neck, all the same nerve, i keep sticking my finger in my ear cause it hurts, they gave me clindamycin 300mg and I.B. 800. they have to be pulled and everytime i call the appointment line the dam thing is busy, i am ready to pull it out my damn self but my man says that i might pull a nerve out, the damn things already dead. excuse the way im talking but this **** hurts, the only thing that does work are tylenol PM, and it only works cause it puts you to sleep, i have kids and a job, i cant sleep all day, and the lortabs did the same thing! i hope things work out for you, sorry but im venting here!

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