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Why when people get old they start to lose their teeth?

tSome people have very strong teeth, others do not. After paying for living costs there may not be enough$$ to go to dentist and pay their astronomical prices. Why do many people wear glasses after the age of 40 and cataracts ? Our bodies are not meant to last forever and either are teeth. Everything breaks down sooner or later. Why do people have heart attacks who never smoke, drink and have good cholestrol levels. It just happens Ask any dentist for a written guarantee the work he is going to do will last your life time. My sister in law paid $22,000 for caps, bridges. They lasted awhile her gums started to recede and all had to be extracted. I didn't come from neglect of dental care.

There are many older adults who still have most of their teeth.
Of course, good oral hygiene through the course of their lives has attributed to that. But think of when this generation grew up. Many were lucky to have a dinner that consisted of a meat, much less floss or a good, new toothbrush. Many worked as children and had responsibilities that our generation can not fathom. I think oral hygiene education is horrendous in our school systems now. Think about how littel there must have been back then.
Also, as we age, our skin sags. Same with our gums. Many times older adults experience a loss of gum tissue and bone in the jaw that causes their teeth to become mobile. When this happens, the teeth have to be removed.
Happy Holidays!

People are like machines. Machines lose there nuts and bolts.People lose there teeth.

Joey K
People start to decay to make room for new people and babies. Only 3% of the people ever born are still alive today.

David H
First try and find the time to care for your teeth then no sugarly except for times your hungry but if a lot of dental problems like me and disliking as to all the extra a dentist trys to make more cavities tell thm not to dig under the gums just ex-ray then let you decide but should they rot and if the money tight look for a collage or so who are trainning young dentists to examine you! Best of health and advice I hope will come through you asking! David H.

Because, just like every part of your body, it get's old and can't work anymore. The reason why people sometimes people have a heart failure or they have pains.

Generally because they haven't taken good care of their teeth throughout their lives. But it's just not old people who lose their teeth, many young people need dentures etc. My mum had all her teeth til she was sixty seven when she had to have an absessed tooth taken out. I still have all mine save 10, wisdom teeth and six were crowding my other teeth, I'm not obsessive about my teeth but I do take care of them.

because there hair falls out

Because just like about everything else, they begin to deteriorate. Things get "old" when you get older and breakdown. Thus, the term "old" age???
And cleaning and flossing everyday religiously DOES NOT guarantee that your teeth will last longer than normal. There are just too many other factors in determining that. So, don't let anyone make you feel guilty about that one! There is NOTHING that will help you keep your teeth forever! Thats a total fallicy!!

connective tissue elasticity lessens and also wear and tear. If you start to take COQ10 at around 40 years of age, you should be able to keep your teeth forever. 100mgs a day. Softgel is best or with a fatty meal.

Rolando Mactavish V
Just for the sheer fun of it!

i think they lost their teeth because that person probably did'nt take care of them when they were younger.

UofM RDH 2008
So....basically what you do today...affects you tomorrow.

There are a lot of factors that play into why someone (young or old) loose their teeth.

You have to consider if the person has smoked, if they have a disease (diabetes, cancer, drug addiction, alcoholism, heart diseases, dry mouth, ect.) {a lot of diseases wreak havoc on the mouth, it can have very bad effects on teeth and gums}, people under stress.

I will assume (for answer purposes) that you are a person that is fairly young.

There is plaque that forms on your teeth, immediately after you eat, okay. Plaque has many forms of BACTERIA that attach to it. These bacteria can do 2 things:

Cause gum disease {major cause} or Cause a cavity! {When you get a progressed cavity, sometimes they need to remove it}

Forming good habits while you are still young (like brushing 2 x's a day {minimum 2 minutes}, flossing {at least once every OTHER day, I am somewhat realistic}, and brushing your tongue) will disrupt this bacteria and prevent them from making cavities and or gum disease.

So...to prevent gum disease {a major reason for tooth loss} you need to remove the plaque from your teeth regularly, so the bacteria cannot get strong enough, to cause tooth loss.

Lillian S. Phx Arizona
people start to lose their teeth after time because of age on bone loss much like degenerative disorders in the back the jaw is a huge bone aswell. poor care and bad hygine will also help speed along the process. its an unfortunate fact of aging my friend.

because they don't take care of them like they should. you need to brush and floss every day and go to the dentist and have them cleaned every six months.

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