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Why is my tooth sensitive to cold and air?
I was sparring yesterday and sometime during a take down or fighting a choke, my jaw got slammed.

Today, I noticed one of my teeth is very sensitive to air and cold.

What is wrong? What can I do?

Canuck Guy
I don't know what's wrong. I had temperature sensitive teeth when I was a kid after I had some dental work. The dentist suggested using Sensodyne toothpaste. I did and the sensitivity went away. I don't know if the toothpaste helped or if I just grew out of it, or whatever was wrong healed.

:} No idea,but you should go see doc, instead of depending on our answer.

go to the dentist

Hi! Don't worry. It's problem have many people. You must go to dentist and it will ok. You must use more mouthwash and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Your injuries will heal.

exposed a nerve, cavity, or a filling is letting loose. It should go away in a week, if not, go see a dentist. Chew warm food on that side, it will go away faster.

maybe u need more flouride. when you teeth have little flouride(which is a layer of protection on all teeth), then they become sensative to cold things. For example.when some ppl bite straight into an ice cream bar, it hurts...while to others it doesnt. To those who it doesnt hurt,they have healthy teeth with flouride!


It's common. Use sensodyne tooth paste. My dentist said only be concerned if it is sensitive to HOT. The dentist can also put a coating on it to help too.

It likely has nothing to do with the sparring. A lot of people get sensitive teeth for a lot of reasons. Try Sensodine. It will help diminish the sensitivity.

You need to see your dentist tomorrow. There could be nerve damage.

cavity maybe

one of your teeth may have gotten chipped, exposing a nerve. definitely go see a dentist.

You either have an exposed nerve or a cavity.

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