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Why is it that a nerve in a tooth can hurt for ages and then just stop?

Because nerves become desensitized after a while. Just like when you get a bruise, it hurts for a while then it will go away. Nerves work the same way.

eventually the nerve dies and the pain goes away...problem with this is the infection usually sets in this is why it is important to have root canal done

Because your nerve is kind of fed up with you.

This is because the nerve has died. You will require root canal therapy.

When it stops it's probably dead. You probably should get it checked. You may need a root canal.

nerve got blocked by something, food, infection, etc. Sounds like you really need to see a dentist.

♣ My Brainhurts ♣
Hi sorry I can't answer your question not being a Dentist, But I had the same thing, spooky thing was I had just written to my Dentist saying "fair enough polish up your Root Canal tools" and I hit print but I was out of ink. The nerve stopped mucking about over night, that was back in early May. Keep your fingers crossed.

Meredith L
Dead. Dead dead dead. You may want to try some better oral hygiene before all your teeth die and fall out of your head.

Because nerves in teeth DIE!!!!!

it stops hurting when the nerve dies.. no nerve no pain

its just gone off to top up its pain giving factor, it will be back...............when you least expect it......go to dentist

you might have an infection that has finally killed the nerve

go see your dentist

A lot of people are right. When the tooth stops hurting, that is a sign that the nerves and blood vessels have died or necrosed inside the tooth. When a tooth becomes inflamed, the natural response is swelling due to increased blood flow to the area. Unlike regular tissue, a tooth cannot expand to accomodate the influx of fluid, so the pain is that much more intense. Eventually the swelling can get to the point that the tiny blood vessels in the tooth become pinched closed, so the tissue inside (nerves, cells, blood vessels) die. You'll need root canal therapy or have the tooth extracted. If not, bacteria within the tooth, the ones that caused the inflammation in the first place, will go out the root and cause an apical infection or abscess. This could get pretty serious, so you may want to seek a dentist soon.

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