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thanks for you response.......

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Why don't people in the U.K take care of their teeth like in the United States?
Or maybe its just a stupid stereotype...

because in uk alot of dantists care and GPs

Carol LFC
look at all the answers , Now you have been told !
and I said that with a BIG white smile !
open wide :-o

i'd say it was more of a stereotype lol.

If you mean by taking care of teeth, cosmetic dentistry then the answer is simple, we prefer to spend money on more important things and to have our teeth looking natural not like a typical Hollywood smile where the teeth are all the same shape and probably bleached to A1 which makes it obvious they're not natural. If you mean dental hygiene generally and going for regular check ups, perhaps over here to get private treatment it is very expensive and not so easy to get dental insurance and practically impossible to get anything done on the National Health. Apart from that, perhaps the British are more sensitive and have a fear of dentists though I believe this is becoming less as people realise that dentistry today can be painless.

I dunno if that's true??....I'm sixty an i still have all my own teeth. they ain't exactly shiny white and gleaming BUT!! they're not loose, don't hurt ,and they help me eat me dinner. what is it with Americans and teeth? British airline pilots have to put on sun glasses to LAND!! because the air traffic controllers keep smiling at em through the window. that's why you get so many aliens!! they keep coming down to see what the glare!! is. TEEF!! were mother natures way of helping us to cope with bacon sandwiches....not a f@cking social statement. don't you know nothing???

Because the system in the UK is a farce. I had braces and back teeth extracted when I was a child as my teeth were crooked and overcrowded. By the time I was 18 the gaps where my teeth were extracted at the back hadn't closed up because the dentist didnt leave them on for long enough. I wasn't even given a retainer! When I was 17 I went to the dentist again as I wanted braces again and they procastinated for so long that I turned 18 and guess what....couldn't afford the treatment anyway because of my age I had to pay. the dentist also told me my back teeth should never have been taken out in the first place! No wonder it was a few year before I went back to a dentist. Wish I hadn't now as I've just spent £80 on a filling. :(

We do take care of our teeth, half of all the people I know who are my age (teenagers, early twenties) have had a brace (they come free on the National Health Service, so if you can have one, there's no excuse not to), the rest either have naturally straight teeth or their teeth aren't that bad.

I think it's a silly stereotype.

edit: they USED to come free for a lot of people, now they're putting all sorts of conditions on getting one, but a lot of people I know still qualified for one, including me =)

It's just a stupid sterotype.

Seems to me that only those Americans who can afford it have nice teeth. I've seen lots and lots of downright disgusting teeth on the Jerry Springer show!

Not everyone in the UK wants to look like Simon Cowell you know. Jodie Marsh had hers done and looks ridiculous.

Why do yanks have an obsession with our teeth ? Is it some sort of fetish ?

maybe it has something to do with the fact that dentists are so bloody expensive and the nhs ones have all gone into private practice so they can make more money!


Maybe...I think it is because for the majority of people here get healthcare for free well it's paid for in income tax...ie not as paying every month via an health insurance scheme..Dentistry is a separate factor as if you are on a low income you can get free dental care (if you can find a dentist!) otherwise you have to pay a private dentist or trying to find a NHS dentist (nigh on impossible in my area!) which is slightly less money..The truth is I think come's down to money..If you have a good income = good teeth...

its too expensive for us to do this, on,y really wealthy people can afford to keep thier teeth anything but in "just about working condition"

So we do that, our teeth are mainly healthy, aside from not looking great. There are a few who also cant afford the bare minimum and thier teeth are in bad condition, the government just dont see it as a priority and dont pay our taxes into it.

The system here is f***ed up. National health care (waiting list up to 6mths) ... overpriced private care (all porcelain crown up to 1000pounds)...people try, they really do (and I am not English, I just work in dentistry in the UK)but the system fails them.
And those who don't ...well, you get those in the States too. But the hygiene services are a bit behind. Only half an hour app. I mean...if you have a problem with your gums, lots of tartar etc. ...and people are not happy to come twice for a proper service.

I think its because we are more aware of pumping rubbish into our bodies. Why have perfectly healthy teeth filed down to nothing to stick false ceramic teeth over. Is this what you mean by "taking care". Most people in the UK are educated from a very early age to look after the teeth they have. Hence we do not need ceramic smiles.

Philip H ©
Its a myth

Liquor,is quicker.
A very bad stereotype infact! I've met many Americans with awful teeth and i myself (from the UK) was lucky to have naturally great teeth- i look after them as i should :)

Janet W
because a lot of people cant afford to!!! the cost of private dental care is horrendous and you cant find an nhs dentist for love nor money!
its not that we dont take care of our teeth its that when we have a problem we cant afford to fix it! example.... a tooth extraction has just cost me £72!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We do look after our teeth, they may not be Hollywood white but I doubt all Americans teeth look like that. We do have crooked teeth.

This is because of the NHS (national health service) which means all our medical expenses are paid for by the government and its also free to go to the dentist and optician up until the age of 18.

The NHS will only pay for an orthodontist if you cant eat or cant close you mouth.

So most people dont have perfectly straight teeth but I suppose most Americans are morbidly obese and trigger happy?

This is just a stupid stereotype dragged back from the medieval times when dental care was unheard of.

I have nice shiney perfect teeth.

We don't all look like Austin Powers in the UK, you know! ;)

Why are Americans so damn fat and arrogant?

That's a stereotype, just like British people having bad teeth.

That's a bit of a sweeping generalisation do you not think? I am English and have brilliant teeth!

Dentists moved away from the National Health Service where treatment was free at the point of need and their private charges became exorbitant. Many people haven't been near a dentist in the UK for three years. It is a massive failure by governments to honour the wonderful NHS.

Funky Munky¬īs back
USA are obsessed with whitening and apart from destroying the enamel, it looks so fake.
My dentist said my teeth are the perfect colour, I do have fillings but still look after my teeth.

Because we're not all so bloody vain as you are.

I brush my teeth every month so not all english people fail to take care of their teeth.

just because people dont bleach their teeth every other week (which can be bad for enamel) doesnt mean they dont take care of them!! its just a stupid stereotype.

Because the government has cut dental services, and people can't afford it.

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