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 I just got braces???
They really hurt! How can I ease the pain! I can't eat or anything!
Additional Details
I have speed Braces though. They r faster than normal ones and apparently they hurt less (N...

 Wisdom teeth removed and I'm still bleeding?
It's been like 2 hours since I got out of surgery, 4 wisdom teeth removed and I'm still bleeding in my mouth. Is this normal or should I call up the oral facility for help?...

 Wisdom teeth?
What happens if all four wisdom teeth are removed?...

 What are some good ways to whiten my teeth that do not involve a dentist?

Additional Details
For those of you wondering, I do brush my teeth 2-4 times a day....

 Do you have to use Colgate Toothpaste with a Colgate Toothbrush? Or are other toothpastes compatible?

 Painful tooth..advice?
Have had a painful tooth off and on for weeks...i didn't really bother with it. A couple of nights ago, the pain woke me up, so i used salt water and aspirin which took the pain away.


 What is periotinitis?

 Wisdom teeth!?
when i went to the dentist last month they said my wisdom teeth are coming in and they refered me to an oral surgeon. but the thing is that i don't have constant pain it'll come and go ...

 What do Americans do if they become too ill to work and can no longer afford medical insurance?

 I have a really big soft lump on the side of my gum, it doesn't hurt, could it be cancer? am i dying?

 Tooth ache?

 So I tried whitening my teeth with baking soda...?
I didn't swallow any baking soda, I just rinsed it out... but I kind of have a slight stomach ache (could be a psychological thing or a coincidence I guess...) and even worse was the dead fish ...

 What is good to eat???
I just got braces on and these other things on two to line my jaw up right and it hurts so i can't chow anything right now i can't even put my teeth together cause of it so does anyone know ...

 I have braces.... should i get my lip pierced, or wait?
could anything go wrong?
Additional Details
thank u to every1...

 My dentist is robbing me!!!!?
My insurance (United Health Care) is supposed to pay 80% of some procedures and 100% of others. I received a "deep cleaning" the other day and they tried to say I owed out of pocket $400!!! ...

 What colored braces should i get?
Okayy, i have this really rude orthodontist and my mom let me switch to an ALOT nicer one who have many diffrent colored, and SHADES of colors, What colors should i get?
Additional Details<...

 Is washing your teeth the only solution to get rid of bad breath?
I do wash my teeth and scrub my tongue, but a few minutes later, people start complaining about my bad breath. My parents say it's probably because I haven't eaten anything. I have tried ...

 Does a cavity filling hurt, im getting 1 in 50 minutes!!!! im nervous!!?
how bad is the pain on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst, i am getting novocaine how bad is the needle?...

 I have a couple of questions about Crest whitening strips.?
well im thinking about buying crest whitening strips this weekend because me teeth are kida yellowish so here they are.
1. what are the affects of wearing crest whitening strips. does it cause ...

 The skin around my back molar is swollen and it kills-before I go to the dr.-anyone know what might be wrong?

Additional Details
I'm 18 years old ...

Why don't adult teeth grow back once they've fallen out. It's more than ridiculous that they don't.

Additional Details
I think they damn well should regenerate. I'm writing a letter to someone important about this.

why dont arms grow back?

do you think teeth just spontaneously regenerate?

why not just take good care of your teeth?

adult teeth ARE NOT supposed to fall out, you know...

Treasure Seeker
I think because adults are done developing and so no teeth grow back, unlike children

Beacuase u don't have any teeth left in the root of ur mouth ready to grow. Beacuase when ur a baby/ kid u have a bunch of teeth and u go thru 2 pairs maybe three ( not sure ) out of ur whole life time. :) good luck..

Doll Face
It not ridiculous, it's common sense. You are born with only two set of teeth, baby teeth and adult teeth. Once the babies fall out the adults move in. Then if the adults fall out you're just stuck like chuck. By the way-where did you get your education at? This is the most stupid question I've ever heard.

because we are born with all our teeth and being they are called adult teeth means we as adults need to take care of our teeth so we don't lose them...

I agree. When you get that letter written send me a copy and I will add my signature.


No doubt. A shark's teeth keep getting replaced for the entire lifetime - free!!

Same reason you can't re-grow the loss of an arm or a leg or a finger or a toe...
Because kids' skulls are growing when they're young, nature evolved a second set of "some" teeth to grow in to accommodate their soon-to-be larger skull...
Adding to already existing bone "structure" is something nature evolved in us to heal damage and wear...
But bone "function" is a tougher nut to crack...
It would take too long, and evolution probably found through trial and error, it's better and faster for a human to "adapt" to loss of bone function, than to "wait" for functionality to return...
Earlier pre-humans probably didn't have time to "wait" until their limb grew back...
It may be that in the future we WILL be able to do that...
But right now...
It's all about survival, baby...!

because there aren't any teeth to replace them. when ur baby teeth fall out, you already have some in there to come back in, but with adult teeth you don't.

cause teeth dont just appear.. you are born with 2 sets..

You are born with all of your teeth, the only ones you will ever have. You don't develop adult teeth as you grow up, they are always there, waiting for their time.

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