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Why do your braces hurt after tightened?

Dave F
When you are having Orthodontic treatment, you are trying to correct the position of teeth. That means the teeth will have to be moved to get them into the correct position. Well you are trying to move teeth that are 3/4 contained within bone. Not an easy thing to do.
Let's say you are moving a tooth sideways to the right. You put brackets on the teeth and a wire in the brackets and little elastics pull the tooth to the right. So on the right side of the tooth root, the root is putting pressure on the bone. This causes cells to go into the bone and remove the bone. On the left side of the tooth root there is no pressure. This causes cells to go in that will make bone on the left side of the tooth root. In this way the tooth slowly moves through the bone to the right, while new bone is made behind the root on the left.
The pain associated with tightening of braces or elastics is caused by the pressure on the bone. This hurts for a while, until the pressure lets off because the tooth moves a little and until the Orthodontist tightens things again. Once the tooth is in place and sideways pressure is no longer being applied to it, the pain will stop.

They hurt because after they tighten it, the wires over a period of about 6 weeks get kind of loose and tend to be a lot more flexible. Then you get used to that feeling and then the ortho tightens the wire again and then the wire is back to the tighten place and then the process starts all over again.

Because braces move your entire teeth by the use of pressure to put them in the right order.

because it is pulling your teeth together..........

because there is pressure being put on your teeth so that they'll move. you get use to it after a while because your teeth have adjested themselves into the position they were being pressured to move to and that is when you get them tightened again.

make sense hopefuly it does.

Because they will have tightened the wire meaning your teeth have more pressure on them then before they were tightened,moving them in the desired direction. I used to have braces and I would have to eat soft food for the next two or three days after having my braces tightened. It does get better after a couple of days.

$!bob is my secret obsession!$
they are gettting tightened ! duh! no offense

Because your teeth are shifting, or moving which causes them to ache.

David S
your braces don't hurt, your jaw hurts, because the braces are pulling your teeth into place and this puts pressure on your jawbone.

dental asst
teeth are starting to move causing a little discomfort

Pass it on...
Because they're pulling your teeth out of their normal positions to straighten them. Technically, they're actually loose for a while, so it's painful. They eventually settle and set into their new positions....until the next tightening, that is.

thats because when they tighten them they have to tighten them real hard especially on the crooked teeth. and it hurts when u tighten anything.... i know i got braces..... it hurts but not for long.

Lok M
Because braces are designed to slowly move your teeth, so tightenining them causes them to start moving again, which hurts the tooth/gums until they set.

because its putting pressure on your teeth, to make them move slowly into the right position

Helen DDS
Each tooth has a ligament around it. One one side of the tooth, the ligament is being pulled and on the other side it's being squished. It's the squished side that leads to swelling of the ligament and therefore pain. It is also the squished side that causes the bone to dissolve and the pulled side that causes new bone to form. That's how teeth move. Take ibuprofen for the swelling.

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