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 Please help ..?
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 Wisdom Teeth?
My friend has to get her's pulled and so we were talking about em. I don't think mine have grown in yet and i'm 17. Is that normal? Anywho, she said that when they do the best thing to ...

 Can anyone give me insight on wisdom teeth surgery?
what to expect. what i can eat. how painful it is. if the IV is scary. etc etc.

im totally freaked out to have it done and im getting it done tomorrow....

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 Wisdom teeth removal?
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 Freaked out about braces!!!!!! pls answer!!!!!!?
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2. what ...

♪♥ ♥♪
Why do you have to have your wisdom teeth pulled out?
Cause back then they didn't have to! I dont want Mine to get pulled out I like them were they are.

Heroic Zach
DO NOT get them pulled if your dentist tells you to WITHOUT GETTING A SECOND, TRUSTED OPINION. I am related to dentists, so this is easier for me. However, think about it. Dentists can make a load of money by telling you that you need them pulled even though you don't need them pulled.

Remember, it's still a business!

not everyone has to have them pulled out, all 4 of mine came in and i am fine, if you have a smaller mouth, where it wouldnt be easy to fit them, you need them pulled, if they are sore and they hurt and the dentist said you need them pulled, your out of luck

if you have impacted wisdom teeth you will need to get them out. they can cause infection and cause your other teeth to shift. and if you wait too long you will feel severe discomfort and pain!!!

If your wisdom teeth are not giving you any pain, and they are not making the rest of your teeth move...then they won't remove them! If they don't grow in straight...and the dentist sees this...they are prolly wanting to get them out so they won't mess up your teeth alignment! Wisdom teeth do not serve any purpose! They are hard to reach with a tooth brush...so they rarely get brushed or flossed! This can cause decay on the wisdom teeth, and infect the gums because you can't floss! Your gums will swell...you won't be able to chew on that side of the mouth...then they will insist on pulling them! Have the dentist give you a reason of why your teeth specifically needs to be pulled! And not just because there is no use for them! I will tell you one thing! Just incase in the future...if you start to have problems with your wisdom teeth...and they need to be pulled...the older you get...the longer the recovery maybe! Not always...but it is heard of! Good luck hun!

not everyone has to have them pulled. everyones mouth is different and you may have enough room to support your wisdom teeth. but, my teeth were getting pushed around by my wisdom teeth, and my dentist is four-square against bullying. so he pulled those little buggers out. :D and theres nothing to worry about. they put me out. i woke up with 4 sores in my mouth where my teeth used to be, couldnt eat solid foods for a week and its was all over. healed up completely and i have a bettter smile because of it. :D

i will have to get my wisdom teeth pulled, simply because they wont fit in my mouth. from the x-rays they will be growing in through my cheekbone. of course, this is different for everyone. my mom had enough room in her mouth for them, and my friend doesnt even have wisdom teeth!

You won't need to have them pulled if you have enough room in your mouth. Most people already have a mouth full of teeth, so there is no space left for the wisdom teeth...this being the reason they are pulled.
Your dentist will talk to you about whether you have enough room in your mouth for the additional teeth. Also you might "technically" have enough space, but it can cause all your other teeth to crowd and shift...causing all kinds of problems AND even more invasive dental work later on!
When my wisdom teeth tried to "make an appearance" I was well aware, and in a great deal of pain:( Since I didn't have the space, they were causing a lot of pain and pressure on my jaw and other teeth.

From what I know not everyone does. The doctor does a simple x-ray and then sees if they are growing in crooked and if they are they get pulled out. Because they can collied with other teeth and stuff and cause infection that could even lead to death if left untreated which is rare.


they tend to put to much pressure on the jaw and other teeth and can become impacted I think that can cause infection but not evey one has taht happen but most women do because we have smaller mouths talk to your dentist

Not everyone has the "need" to have their wisdom teeth removed.
Have your dentist check to see if your jaw has room to accomodate your wisdom teeth.
If your other teeth would be to crowded, or if there is a problem with either the bone or the teeth, they can be removed. The reason for anyone to have them removed is to minimize future pain and problems that can be avoided.

If you don't need it -- Great!

vicki b
You don't HAVE to get your wisdom teeth taken out. Usually they are taken out if they are bothering you and causing you a lot of pain, if they are infected or have cavities, or if you have crooked teeth or not enough room in your mouth for your other teeth to have room, then they will take them out. Other than the above reasons you should eb able to keep your wisdom teeth if you want, unless you have one of the above going on, then don't sweat it. I am 23 and I am only missing one of my wisdom teeth because it had a cavity and needed to be pulled, other than that I have the other 3 with no problem. Good luck and I hoped this helped!

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