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 Has anyone ever got a root canal?
how long does it take and is there anything to take the pain away?does the needle hurt?


 Can I sell my teeth for money?
the teeth in question belong to my son. he had them extracted to make room for braces. they are perfect. he cannot do anything with them and was told he could sell them to a lab or something of this ...

 Should you drink orange juice when you have braces on your teeth.?
The orthodontist never told us this, but my friend was. I know about fizzy drinks, etc etc....

 Does everyone have to get there wisdom teeth removed or is it optional?

 Hello i got braces , but the dentist says they need to take teeth..is this right?
i went to the dentist but i dont trust him he says they need to take out four teeth after a month, he says becasue they wont go straight is this true or is he wrong,, i dont trust him cuz he works in ...

 How much do braces cost?
How much $ does braces cost?...

 Kin I whittle new choppers outta Pine wood? Or should I use Yew to chew mah food fer me?

Additional Details
Sorry MGV4, Is'a looked up inna dictionary. Ah should'a spelled it "You"....

 Teeth Whitening Strips?
Has anyone tried the Target Brand's Premium Teeth Whitening Strips? They're cheaper and say they work the same...
Additional Details
What do you mean... illegal?!...

 I had my wisdom teeth removed and my stitched gums split apart after the stitches dissolved. What should I do?
About a week ago, I had my wisdom teeth extracted. Just about everything's completely healed now but there seems to be a problem with the gums on the lower part of the left side of my jaw. The ...

 How do you get all the plaque off your teeth?
how to you get it all the tartar and plaque and tartar off without going to a dentist. isnt there a liquid that can do that or something besides brushing....

 Will i look bad with braces?
ok so i was bored and made my picture look like i have braces by using paint.... do you think i will look bad with them?

here is the pic:

 Root canal?
i am really scared ...tommorrow early morning i have 6 root canal to b done on my teeth ..really scared ..dont know hw to make myself brave
Additional Details
i went for root canal ...

 Shold the toothpaste we use be a nonfloridated one or flouridated one.and what is the difference?

 Why are my teeth decaying from the middles?
I mean its like its developing a hole from the tops of my bottom teeth and the unders of my top teeth...why is this happening. I brush regulary and I dont get it....

 I need braces???????????????????...
I need braces but I have no Idea how much it costs. Here are some quesion I have about getting braces:

How much do braces costs?
Does it hurt when the dentist puts them on your teeth?<...

 Healing time for wisdom teeth removal?
Hi. I got my wisdom teeth out almost 3 weeks ago. They didn't stitch up the holes and they haven't seemed to close at all. I assumed they would in a few weeks but I guess I was wrong. Is it ...

 Black and pink braces for a guy?
What do you think?...

 I have to have a root canal done fri i was wondering what that is and will it hurt i heard its painful?

 How do I overcome the fear of gagging in the dentists chair?
The short of this is I have a back tooth that needs to be pulled and if I'm honest has required an extraction for some time now its rotted away quite a bit and I'm now facing facts that I�...

 Braces AND Cavity?
Ok, some of you may have seen or answered my question about getting braces.And yeah I got them today!And it hurts!
Can anybody out there help me?When will the pain go away?
And the ...

Why do we, as humans have to brush our teeth, when animals don't?
And their teeth are fine!

Why do we have to? Why are they different? What will happen if we didn't?

Britt =]]
well because we don't want to have ugly teeth. Animals actually don't have bad teeth. they brush them all the time you just dont think they do!If we didn't brush our teeth then we would have bad breath, yellow and bad teeth, cavities. There is no such thing as animal dentists. So they have no choice. They can't just say oh im gonn go see my dentist tommarrow. First of all because they are animals and they can't talk and second of all they proboly don't know what a dentist is. What a stupid question!

jimmy the one
Cos we are mugs enough to buy (me included) the expensive gear to do so!!♀

We have to brush our teeth for hygiene purposes. And to get rid of plaque. Animals dont need this (apart from cats and dogs) as they eat unprocessed, raw food and they gnaw food as well which gets rid of rubbish. If we didnt clean our cats and dogs teeth with bicarbonate of soda or give them dental sticks and bones to chew on then they would lose their teeth as quick as us!

P.S. I hate the taste of mint!, I wish they did a adult size toothpaste like they do for small kids , strawberry flavour.

apart from having fresh breath and pretty teeth we need to try and make our teeth last as long as we do. while there is medicine for dogs it is not as advanced as ours. without modern medicine and technology we would probably all be dead by 30. we would also be eating amuch better diet. but since we live so much longer and eat more foods which cause tooth decay (sugar) we need to take more care of our teeth.

Dr Frank
They mostly have short brutal lives and die often before tooth decay has become established. Animals that are naturally long lives and pets, like cats, who now live much longer than they did in the wild, do run into problems with major tooth and gum disease.

They don't eat sugary foods, processed foods, etc.

Pink Cowgirl
Because we as humans have a diet full of refined sugar. Animals don't consume near as much sugar as we do, therefore don't get as many cavities. Animals also get periodontal disease, though because of the types of food they eat, they are able to clean off the plaque easier (Think of a horse eating hay.).

cos animals eat sensibly and dont consume sugary,teeth rotting substances like we do

Its because there are so many things in our diet that destroy our teeth. Almost everything we eat now has sugar in it, or is acidic, or both!

And of course people expect nice smelling breath.

Animals do clean their teeth - we just have a more sophisticated tool for the job. Many animals use grasses and barks of plants, whilst hippos, crocodiles and some other actually have other animals (usually small birds) do it for them - a kind of secondary meal...mmmmm!

cor blimey
have you ever smelled your pets breath it usually stinks

Its only a question of bad breath and ettiquette and bad diet !

Dogs eg have bones and things to chew on that naturally clean teeth, out poor diet is full of soft acidic things which dont help our teeth.
It bothers me that over generations we are losing the ability to keep our teeth naturally clean -all because of toothpaste

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