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 Dentist trouble with numbing injections--- do you get this?
when i have a tooth out or filling and the dentist numbs my mouth, it never numbs straight away even after 15 to 20 mins waiting and sometimes the dentist has to stop and give me more numbing ...

 Braces anyone??
Hey guys I just got my braces yesterday, what food can I eat? and what cant I eat? I had pasta last night and that was painful! I'm hungry please help!...

 How long does a root canal usually takes in minutes? and be honest is it painful?

 How do you cure bad breath? besides brushing, flossing, or mouthwash?

 Should I close my eyes or keep them open while a dentist working on me?

 I am 12 years old and I just got braces... what is the worst part about this?

 Whats it like getting braces and getting them tightend?
the people who i know says it hurts lyke ...

 How do you get gum disease?

 Who's been using my toothbrush?

 Bad breath Help?
I spent most of summer holidays with my cousins. I had no bad breath but as soon as i went back into school i remembered i had abit of bad breath at the end of last year. This thought made me get bad ...

 Why do my gums bleed?
Anytime I brush my teeth, my gums bleed, why is this? What could be the possible reasons for the bleeding? My teeth are pretty healthy, only got/have 1 or 2 cavities, is that a factor?


 Where can I purchase baking-soda from?
Pharmacy?Super market? where?...

 How do u cure a tooth ache?

Additional Details
exept for going to the dentist!!!...

 Dentists. Are they a pain?
Thought my teeth needed a clean so went to a dentist. He said I needed this and that done. I said ok later.

 I want to get all my teeth pulled and get dentures. Will a dentist do this?

 Its it normal to have a hole on the side of your tongue?
or its it an STD???????????
Additional Details
itsnot a home but it looks like it i onlyhaveit on one ...

 How many times do you brush your teeth per day?
Here's a poll:

1. How often do you brush your teeth?
2. How often do you floss, if ever?
3. When do you brush your teeth?

I'm just curious about everyone'...

 Why is it, when you have an injection at the dentist, it takes so long for the numbness to go??
My face and mouth feel like jelly, anything I can do to speed up the process and get back to normal???...

 I have a small gap in my teeth..?
and i've always wanted it fixed but my husband doesn't want me too..what do you think i should do?


 I have a crown that came off, and the root canal below is exposed and I'm eating on it, what's my risk?
I plan on having this fixed, but i'm really in no financial situation. IT doesnt hurt a lot, just uncomfortable eating some harder foods. My old dentist screwed me bigtime, and did some real ...

Why do people think Grills are cool?
I just don't get it.
Additional Details
I should add I'm from Australia and I hope the trend doesn't find it's way here.

I think they are completely ridiculous but thinking that about new fashion trends is a normal sign of getting old :)

chris m
I have only one word for grills STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thumbs Down Meanie
I think gangsta grillz are cool. I know lots of ppl with them. Its gold in your mouth, whats not cool about that???

Opinion Girl
ion't get it either. Some rappers think they're fly, but I don't think so. I think they're ugly, grotesque things. And they resemble braces, which are not fun. Aren't the rappers worried the grills might ruin their teeth?

I don't think grills are cool. Looks trashy if you ask me.

haha i dont really know. i dont like it a lot. xD haha. but i guess they like it either to stand out or to look cool. and thats just non-sence cause u waste like $60 or more even MORE just for something thats not really usefull for you.

dont know cuz good food comes from them

my presus...
In my personal opinion I don't like them. They cause bad breath that is really hard to get rid of, and they look ugly.

I guess some people think of grills a bling for their mouth and it is a way to say "look at me I can afford this junk that I'm going to hate in about a week!" Some people I guess have different styles then others do.

Here to help,

Without a grill you couldn't barbecue, which means you couldn't
have cook outs and all you could eat would be bologna sandwiches.

I think they are stupid and don't look good at all.

Just a phase...some people like to act like someome else.

Wanna Be's.....

I say be yourself.

Uugh, those are just nasty, they look very stupid!

I think it's mostly black people. Or white people that think they are black.

I don't know... I think they are extremely ugly and nasty. And really quite annoying.

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