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dean wells
Why do i wake up with dry blood on my teeth and lips?
for about 8 months or even longer ive been wakeing up with blood that goes black on my lips,ive always got dried lips when i wake up up,i also get a bit on my teeth is this gum disease?

feed me to the sleep
Not at all. Most likely, you're sleeping with your mouth open and breathing through it, rather than your nose. When you go to bed, keep your mouth closed, and try to only breathe through your nose. If you have trouble doing so, then try getting some nasal strips; they help open up the passages. Hope this helps!

You are a vampire.

Dude that's some kind of gum disease, you need to find you some floss and become it's friend!

I think you need to see a dentist

Does it coincide with full moons occurring on the previous nights?

u probably have gingivitis go to a doc

vampire etc..

u better see ur gp first then ur dentist second

Your lips are chapped. Try chap stick. They bleed because they are really chapped and they crack. It goes onto your teeth because your lips are pressed up against them.

it could be that you're biting ur lips in ur sleep or it could be that u have gingivitis. i would bring it up to your dentist so he/she can take a look at it. if it hurts try orajel for the time being. hope this helps. good luck!

There are a few different things that could be causing your problem. I'm going to assume that at some time over the course of the last 8 months you've inspected you mouth for any cuts from biting and that that is not the problem. It could be gum disease like you said. It could also be from grinding your teeth in your sleep. This can loosen teeth and cause bleeding and eventually tooth loss. Your dentist can identify and treat either of those problems. Both will require commitment from you to follow hygiene recommendations and/or where a mouth guard at night. Dental insurance is a wonderful thing.

me too! Im not sure it was gum disease.

I got sick of it after a while though and decided to use antiseptic mouthwash or salty water to rinse ya mouth out a couple of times a day. (I didnt have a dentist!!)

My lips all cracked, my mouth tasted disgusting and I had blood all in my teeth. ( my lips were chapped all of winter :()

Al of a sudden though I noticed that I had a chipped tooth or something ?! Think I was either grinding my teeth alot in my sleep (caused by stress and alcohol, drug abuse, etc apparently) or biting the inside of my mouth/lips .

Also after a few days noticed that I was getting little ulcers right at the front of my mouth and my tongue went a funny yellowy colour.. I also had really sensitive gums...dont know if you have all this too but ust thought Id share the gore! Sometime when I coughed aswell my throat bled...dunno if this relates t the same thing but its prob cos I smoke ??

All in all, it lasted approx. 2 weeks (after I started treating it!!) and then cleared up completely.

Also I managed to clear the chroni chapped lips witha healthy er diet, loads of water and not applying a huge amount of lip salve!!

Maybe just pop across the dentist and have a chat if youre worried?? xo

no, i get the too every once in awhile. you might have bit your lip or something

U might be having gum disease, go to your dentist for a checkup

Family L
The blackness on your lips are scabs. You probably pick them or dont' drink enough. And the dried up blood can go onto your teeth if you sleep with your mouth open since the lips and teeth are millimetres apart. I don't think it's gum disease because dry lips have nothing to do with your gum, unless your gums are the ones bleeding.

Sam(im not latino just tan)
No use chapstick. if that doesnt work go to the docter!

Dan S
It could be a gum disease, a lung disease or a disorder where you are chewing your lip or grinding your teeth. Whatever it is you need to see a doctor and give them a sample of the dried blood so they can find out if it came from your mouth, your lungs or your nose.

If you are not being serious and asking this question as a joke then I recommend ordering a pizza with lots of garlic on it and see if your survive. If you do then you are not a vampire.

I am hoping this question is a joke because if you have had a problem like this for 8 months then you are in serious trouble. It could range from a minor infection in the gum to lung cancer. This is not the place to try and diagnose your disease--go see a doctor.

Do you have stomach pains: ulcer?
Do you have asthma: lung bleeding?
Do you have pain in your chest: cancer, lung bleeding, heart disease....?
Do you have sore gums; gingivitis, under the tooth infection, tooth infection....?
Do you have a problem or illness that I don’t even know about?

You need a doctor to answer the questions I have given you.

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