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Why do i need a filling when i brush my teeth twice a day and floss every day?

Mike A
I would of said that you are not getting to the right parts

Because brushing and flossing daily isn't always enough. Some folks are prone to the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Sounds like you need to floss and brush after every single meal, and before bedtime.

because your dentist need the cash

I reckon it has more to do with your genes then anything else. I have a six year old cousin who has had six fillings already (shocking isn't it!) And yet I have never had any and apart from brushing once or twice a day I don't do much more.

old know all
Because you insist on putting food and drink in your mouth. This rots your teeth before you get a chance to clean them.

I have a similar problem. Apparently it's in the family to have weak teeth. There's not much I can do

If you have porous teeth, or just a family history of bad teeth, it doesn't matter how proper a job you do of brushing and flossing, you can still get cavities (therefore fillings).

However, I think I may have been conned in the past, so if you are skeptical then maybe try another dentist and if he/she says you need a filling then you probably do.

Frank O
because you still eat crap!!

you brush and floss to much.
stop completly for 7 years then start again every 2 months
and no apples

You may not be cleaning your teeth properly, or have weak teeth, over flossing can damage teeth, or you may just be eating teeth unfriendly stuff.

You may have soft teeth. I had that problem when I was growing up. At every 6 month dental visit, i usually had one or more cavities. That changed as an adult, and it has been years since my last cavity. (Only now, I have a bunch of crowns.)

well because you have a cavity and brushing and flossing every day do not guar that you won't have cavities.

pat e
my dentist told my husband that he was brushing his teeth too hard as he had to have a filling as well

adrian w
every bodies teeth are different in strength depending on how much enamel you have covering them. I have four children who have had the same diet, three of them have perfect teeth with no fillings but the youngest has loads of problems and fillings.

How many sweets do you eat?

Genetics, diet, and the amount of fluoride you are exposed are all contributing factors to decay. Each person is different when it comes to bacteria in your mouth. Cut down on high sugar drinks and foods, and if possible, rinse out your mouth with water after every meal, if you cannot brush/floss. Keep up the good habit of brushing with a good fluoride toothpaste and flossing, because not only should you be paying attention to preventing cavities, but also gum disease. Gum disease causes bone loss - and your teeth will become loose because it no longer has a strong foundation to sit in.

Apparently i heard it can be a genetic thing but unsure

Dr. H
Sometimes you have deep grooves in the biting surface of the teeth which can collect bacteria and create cavities. Also if you had an old filling there it can get a cavity underneath it. Probably the problem though is maybe you are missing areas due to improper flossing or brushing. I would check with the dentist or hygienist and see if they can go over proper brushing/flossing. Good luck!

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