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 Was anyone awake when they had their wisdom teeth removed/want to share their story?
hi, im having my wisdom teeth out on thurs. im very scared. i found out my dentist wont put me to sleep because he doesnt believe in that, and so another option for me wouldve been to go to another ...

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 Had a root canal 2 days ago, getting a shooting pain now.?
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 Numbing Cream?
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 Can wisdom teeth still be growing in at age 37?

 About how much do braces costs and on a scale from 1-10 how much does it hurt with 10 being the worst?

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 What is the best way of removing tea, coffee, red wine stain from front teeth?
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 Do i need a 3rd opinion?
three weeks ago i found a sore pink patch on my tongue,with two wart type things(which were white & alittle painful),went to my dentist who did"nt seem to be worried by it,i also went to my ...

 Does getting your wisdom tooth pulled hurt?
My tooth hasnt come through my gums yets so i have to get it surgically removed!!!...

 When you brush your teeth, do you leave the water running?
or do you turn it on and off as you need it?
Additional Details
Michael: I use it cold too....

 Hey im 12 n i need braces on feb28 someone help me pick colors!!!!!!?
ive thought of a couple of colors but can decide! here are the ones i have thought of.




Lt.blue & Navy


 Am I too old for braces?
I am 23 and I was never able too afford braces. My teeth are noticeably crooked but I was never made fun of about my teeth. I often get compliments on how nice my smile is. But i'm always ...

 I have to have all 4 of my wosdom teeth out and I am petrified! What happens and how much does it REALLY hurt?
i am scared of the whole opperation but in particular the anaesthetic and being put to sleep. what is this like? I also have fears of it affecting me, i am allergic to coedine and want to know will ...

 Can an infected tooth cause pain in other places then your mouth?
I'm not positive the tooth is infected.

My molar on the upper left(mine) in the far back has an aching pain that gets worse if i bite down on something and is cold/heat sensitive.

Why do I feel like i'm gonna throw up when i brush my teeth?
Everytime i brush my teeth i'll start to gag and almost throw up, why is that?

♠The Joker♣
I do that too, if you find out, make sure to tell me.

Try not jamming the toothbrush down your throat.

Polish man Javan
Well, Maybe its because you put your tooth brush back in your throat too far or you might have a sensetive gag reflex causing you to gag on your tooth brush but either way, you might have to keep your brush in front of your back teeth away from your uvela or whatever if that doesnt help, CONTACT A DOCTOR IMMIDEATLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

do you shove your brush down your throat? or maybe because you're not using toothpaste

Probably because you are pushing the toothbrush back too far into you mouth. You might have a very sensitive gag reflex. Concentrate on breathing through your nose as you brush. That helps me. The other problem might be that you are swallowing some toothpaste.

Its a normal reflex when you brush your tongue.

Claudia F
Either try switching you tooth paste


If you scratch your tooth brush on your tongue, try not to go to far back.

Hope this helps!

Bad Mamajama
Quit jamming the brush down your throat.

your brushing to deep!!!
your pushing the toothbush to fr back!!!
dont go past your teeth when brushing!

Dere Fonzie
I get exactly the same, the noise makes me wanna be sick.
Maybe your parents brushed your teeth too hard as a child, and you are now subconsiously sickened by brushing teeth.

☆ J.T. ☆
Hey Shy guy: My dentist's hygienist says that you only have to really brush the front two thirds of your tongue. You shouldn't get deeper than the area that is covered in white film. If you go deeper than that, then you run into the gag reflex area. The back of the tongue is usually clean enough after a good gargle with mouthwash, so don't scrape that far back, ok? Hope that helps - Best of luck!

Bizo Johnson
I don't understand, but I usually scrape my tongue while brushing my teeth. I gave my whole mouth a clean feeling. During scraping, I feel like I'm about to throw up. I try to reach as far down the throat as possible. Some people say not to do it, but that's what I do.

You just have a sensitive gag reflex...Some people do and some don't. I don't gag when brushing my teeth, but I do when brushing my tongue. Everyone's different...

Are you brushing your tongue? That happens, so dont stick toothbrush so far down throat.

You might be sensitive to the type of toothpaste. I know when I go to get my cleaning, the fluoride always makes me throw up when I get home. Try changing your toothpaste.

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