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 Husband has an infection in his gum? No idea wat 2 do.?
He went to the dentist, and about a month later it seems as if the infecton has returned. His breath is smelling like the infection, and his face has swelled up. We have no money, and no insurance. A...

 What is a root canal?
i may have to get a root canal and i want to know what in the hell is it? what does it do?...

 I sometimes find a white dot on my tonsils i pick it off and it smells like plark i floss serious answerer's !

 I tryed home teeth bleach kit, and my teeth hurts! (I rinsed like 10times.) Is it common, or shall I stop?

 I went to a private root canal specialist. He wanted to charge me £800-900 per tooth. Is this normal?

 Dental assisting?
I've been a stay at home mom for quite a few years and want to go to school to be a dental assistant am I to old (almost 34). Is this a good career choice....

 My 7 year old was cavity free 9 months ago and has suddenly developed 5 cavities!!?? Should I get second opin?
How is this possible, he is a great brusher!! Is this a scam?? Anyone in the dental business around to clarify???
Additional Details
He has already had his 6 year molars sealed, the ...

 Smoking cigarettes and tooth extraction?
why are you not allowed to smoke after a tooth extraction? has anyone smoked after having a tooth pulled out?...

 Please answer my question, I am afraid I might die!?
Does anyone here know what an absess is? I had one last night (pretty big) and went to the ER, to get it popped, (it was above my tooth) the docter refused to pop it, and gave me anti-biotics and ...

 I keep getting this water filled bubble on the inside of my lip, what is it?
When I bite this puss filled bump, a clear puss comes out, looks like water and the sore goes down. It doesn't hurt it just bothers me because I know it's there. I can feel it when I talk. I...

 My one year boy's teeth looks not even they are cross one to another any sugg.&?

 What did you eat after your wisdom teeth removal?
i got all four cut out yesterday (monday) but i've been eating pudding, ice cream and yougurt since thursday night. soooo i can't really think of other stuff i can eat....i don't want ...

 What does every one think of lidocaine ?

 I want to have my teeth whiting but my dad won't let me...?
what should i do i brush twice a day and i take good care for them but they are yellow and the baking soda doesn't work for me plz i have to have my teeth whited for prom!!!!:(...

 Questions About Braces...?
Okay, I'm getting braces tomorrow[Thursday, March 22, 2007]. I'm really nervous, and don't really know what to expect because no one in my immediate family has had braces before.

 I just got braces....?
i just got braces and they hurt tons. how can i take away the pain to make it less?
and when i get them changed, what colours should i get? there's tons of different ones and i have light ...

 My mouth is dry?
My mouth keeps drying up and no matter how much water i drink? is that normal? liek right now i drink water an in 5 minutes is dry again! i am worry
help with this!...

 I hate my braces?
Ive had my braces on almost three years now, and had jaw surgery 6 months ago to fix my overbite, im just feeling so depressed now, im 18 and no1 else my age has them. Everytime i go back to my ...

 I'm SO scared!!?
I'm getting my wisdom teeth out next week!! Does it hurt really bad? My roots haven't fully developed. but I'm terrified of surgery procedures.....

 I need Braces!?
I just went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned and asked him if I needed braces. He said that I have a over bite and I do need braces. So I go home to my dads and tell him that I need braces but ...

Why brush your teeth in the morning too?
I always brush thoroughly at night, and floss too. So, why then do I have to brush again 8 hours later? What happens through the night that warrants another brushing? I know, the nasty breath, but why not just a quick swish with mouthwash?

I guess what I'm asking is, when is the best time to brush the second time in your day?

You don't really need a bunch of people to tell you why you need to brush do you? Aren't you just looking for people to confirm that what you aren't doing or don't want to do is just OK to not do? Now I'll tell you exactly what I think, and you won't like it. I see people all day long who are trying to save their teeth or fix them by some means....some who have brushed and flossed diligently throughout their lives......others who have tried, ill informed or financially unable to care for them correctly......and then there are those who just didn't give a damn and didn't brush or floss and wondered why we tell them the only choice they have is to have gum surgery or root canals, crowns, bridges, extractions or worse yet, dentures. You don't really want to know how we discuss them after they leave, or that we don't really want to treat them, but we do dreading the next visit of a toothache. So now you really want me to tell you it's OK to skip brushing your teeth first thing in the morning simply because you "think you did a good job eight hours earlier" and want to "act stupid" about the growth of bacteria. You want to drink your tea or coffee swallowing bacteria along with every sip, or eat your breakfast doing the same. Do you really need an answer to that question now or have I just about covered it all in a way that you can understand? I think you can safely assume that I WOULD recommend brushing when you FIRST get up, AFTER breakfast again, and if you can AFTER LUNCH, and always after your last meal and drink (other than water) BEFORE BED along with flossing. You can toss your mouthwash swishing in when ever you want but it never makes up for through brushing and flossing. You probably won't pick this for best answer, but if you read this and even think about it once when you "don't brush" (unless I've changed your mind forever) then I've won already. Good luck!

It's a good point. But why not after breakfast if you eat breakfast which I don't. Maybe a few pretzels. I'll ask my dentist next time and get back with you. In the mean time, give me the best answer pending further research.

am eagle ♥ chic
to get rid of bad breathe and to make you collect less plac during the day.

because your mother told you to. you should ask her

I usually brush after lunch[around 2 in the afternoon].I hate brushing my teeth in the morning cause then it ruins the coffee taste in my mouth[either before or after].

because you have been busting slob all night and the germs have had time to take action

Alice in Wonderbra
We brush our teeth in the morning too, because during the night, saliva deposits material of our teeth, though invisible.. That morning bad breath has its reason.!

I personally brush my teeth every after meal. Though, not hysterically!! If I am out with friends for dinner, I do not run to the toilet to brush my teeth!!

Jennifrer C
well, that is just a standard daily health habit. to brush at least 3X a day (morning, lunch and afternoon or night). That is to get rid off of any germs or bacteria perhaps or any foreign accommodated things or objects through the night such as saliva deposits and or any other factors such as bad breath and the likes...

You need to get the nasty smelly bacteria off your tongue and teeth.

Eight hours is a long time. Bacteria builds up in your mouth and on your teeth overnight. Brush away the scum every morning either when you first rise or after eating breakfast.

harold g
clean and flossed teeth help you have better dental hygeine and make you look and feel better about your dental hygene and good smelling breath always smell s very good at all times

At night when your mouth is closed no oxygen is getting at your tongue or anything. That's for 8 hours. During this time the bacteria in your mouth is able to creat colonies on your tongue (causing bad breath) this bacteria is killed by oxygen but it's definitely a good idea to cleans the entire mouth after this.

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