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Why are two of my teeth turning black?
I have 1 tooth on the top with a filling in it, and 1 tooth on the bottom that i had a root canal done on, and i just noticed yesterday.

my mom thought mabey it was the filling turning, but it cant be becuase the teeth on the other side of my mouth isnt turning.... PLEASE I NEED ANSWERS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE....

Additional Details
I have had the filling and the root canal for several years. And i didnt notice them turning until i bit down on a carrot and it hurt like Hel* and i went and looked in the mirror.

The colour could be from old blood in the tooth. Root canals often darken. It's damned annoying. You can get it lightened but it's expensive. I'm not sure about the filling, but it could be for the same reason. If they're not hurting I think they're okay. Call and ask the dentist.

Omg. That is not good. go to the dentist NOW! There probably is an infection rotting your tooth or something.

u should go to your dentist I'm pretty sure he knows what to do.

go to your Doc fast. you may br rejecting to filling.

You need to find another dentist and get it checked out. I can't tell you what is causing it, I do know it shouldn't happen. My brothers was caused by a medication, but that's not always the case, see your dentist soon.

Richard W
Askl the dentist, teeth turning black is not normal & could be indicitave of a serious problem.

Well, teeth that turn black in isolation from the other teeth, is usually a sign that they are rotten. But the only sensible thing to do is go see a dentist. I promise you he will give you a very quick answer, and tell you what needs doing

go to the dentist asap

If you had a rootcanal done on one of the teeth, then if it's discoloring, there is a good chance that its normal. Teeth that have been endodontically treated, (rootcanal) are dead. Once the root and nerve are removed, the tooth for all extents and purposes is no longer a vital part of your body. It can discolor, and become brittle. This is why the dentist should have strongly reccomended a crown for that tooth. A crown will mask out any discoloration, and will strengthen the tooth.

The tooth that hasn't had a rootcanal, but has a filling could be any number of things. If it's a metal filling and the discoloration is a bluish grey, then yes it's from the filling. If, however it's a tooth colored filling, (composite) and the tooth is discoloring around the composite, then it could be micro leakage and the filling will need to be replaced. If it's an OLD filling, and the tooth in general is discoloring, then you tooth may be dieing from either, decay, trauma, or sometimes, just because it wants to.

Regardless of which of the above fit your situation, My advice is for you to set your mind at ease, and make an appointment with a dentist ASAP. Only after several x-rays, and an examination, will he/she be able to make suggestions as to how to aproach your situation.


your tooth is dead. It needs to be pulled

Hey there,

It sounds like those teeth turning black are dead. A tooth can die if the roots are not normally attached for example after an accident. I have two dead teeth myself and they have not turned black but it is possible. If they don't they can usually stay but if they turn black, the dentist pulls them. I would suggest you to go to the dentist, they will make sure what's going on before you get pain or infections.

Going to the dentist might not always sound like the funnest thing to do, but sometimes it's nessecary and an easier option than not to go. And usually they are pretty nice:) Good luck!

Okay, um sorry, but i don't know the answer to your question, but im here just to warn you to NOT, i repeat NOT click the link from Man, its a virus site. And hes been sending this same link to each person he replies a question to. Its a virus! DON'T OPEN IT. He sent the same link to me too.

your tooth is dead, and if you don't get immediate attention, you will get an abcess (which is an infection) and will cause terrible problems if you don't get it pulled!

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