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 Can anyone give me insight on wisdom teeth surgery?
what to expect. what i can eat. how painful it is. if the IV is scary. etc etc.

im totally freaked out to have it done and im getting it done tomorrow....

 How long do braces make your mouth hurt after they are put on?
I was just wondering, so if anyone can help...please do!
Additional Details
thank you so much guys, today is my second day with them on and i just take ibuprophin(sp?)...i have grown ...

 For the third time, dentists & orthodontists please answer?
ive asked like a million retainer questions, but here goes. i wear top and bottom clear retainers (like invisalign) and the edge is long and curls out in some places, like behind my top left molars. ...

 Teeth Whitening?
I know that the trays in the dentists office eventually wear off I was wondering how often I have to put up the $500 to get it ...

 Wisdom teeth removal?
my orthodontist told me i was going to have my wisdom teeth removed soon, and that's making me really scared. i searched up stuff on impacted wisdom teeth, and i found out that since mine haven&#...

 Freaked out about braces!!!!!! pls answer!!!!!!?
i am getting braces tomorrow and i am really,really, really scared and i have a few questions:
1. how long does it take to get the put on (im getting top and bottom regular braces)
2. what ...

 Do Root canals hurt real bad?

 I have toothache?
please can anybody help.. im scared of dentists really am wont go not unless i really need 2.. ive got niggling toothache takeing p killers isnt helping me much.. tryed toothpaste on it 2.....

 I'm getting a root canal.......?
tomorrow and I'm terrified. Does anybody have any good or bad advice. I need to know all. My apt is at 7:30 in the morning and I plan to return to work after. Is that even going to be possible? I...

 Why is my hole still bleeding 12 hours after getting a wisdom tooth pulled?
what should I do to fix it? I am keeping the gauz on it and taking my pills.the other 2 holes are fine. this one took a bit of work to tear it out which is why its having problems. Any advice?...

 What is the best cure for tooth ache ?

 Is getting a filling scary?
I hate needles, and i hate people touching my mouth!
And im getting a filling ..
Im sooo scared
Should i be scared or is it not that bad ?...

 How do i take care of my private part?
Cleaning and proper care. What should be done in order to be hygienic and ...

 Any tips on braces?
i got my braaces in Nov. im not getting them off intil 2008. Any tips?...

 What colours should i get on my braces?
Ok. So i am getting my braces in 5 days..(Feb. 21)..and i dont know what colours to get. I know not to get white clear and light colours but i was thinking about getting hot pink and light blue..i ...

 How much (average) does children's braces (teeth) cost?
I would like to know how much to save for this....

 How did people prior to the 19th century clean their teeth?
There was no toothpaste, toothbrush, floss or mouthwash during such time. Neither were there any dentists. They must be having awfully bad breath all the time. Also they must be suffering lots of ...

 I had a molar root canal 6 months ago. I still have pain in the tooth, although not nearly as bad as before.?
I also have some discomfort in my jaw beneath the tooth. What is the problem? My last root canal is fine....

 Did you have stains on your teeth after your braces were removed?
im sooo scared that ill have those white spots on my teeth. If i did get them, how do i get rid of them. People with experiance only!...

 I have to get braces soon and i was wondering what colours i should get?
i have blue eyes, brown curly hair and a light complection with freckles. plz can you help me!!!...

Rocky Von Pit Bull Pants !!
Why am I drooling soo much?
Ok, I've been drooling alot for awhile.. I've tried to drink things and eat food but aparently, that only makes the drooling worse..My drooling is really excessive and I don't what to do ? Some times I could be watching TV and I start drooling like crazy..I drool soo much that even when I wake up, my t shirt is fully wet..

Plus when I try to swallow I start trying to throw it up and end up drooling all over the place..

I don't know what to do anymore ? My mom just told me it's just drool.. But it's not just drool.. It's more than drool.
Additional Details
Plus I also wanted to know about my rottening tooth in the back of my mouth..

Will I need to take it out or leave it there ?


u drool when ur month is open so close the month

Wesley Fleming
cause you saw my BOD

Irving D
it might be a madeical problem you should go to the doctor it's never good to do things you don't usally do

Close your mouth... lol

Try drinking more water, it will hydrate you so you dont need to drool to cool down

The Hotties
Take the tooth out but i don't know what to tell you bout the drooling thing

I'm a weird, ugly, and cute!

well the important thing is to get your doctor dentist to remove the rotting tooth as soon as possible, because it might lead to infection and spread to all ur other teeth.
drooling problem might also be cuz of rotting tooth
drooling problem might mean lack of fluids in the body. so you should drink more fluids and then also see your doctor about your drooling problem

Sounds like you need to see a Dentist. You might have an infection. Hope not.

honey pie
c a dentist bout ur rotten tooth

Your probably drooling because of the tooth.

♥ ♥ ♥
Go see your doctor! and about the tooth yeah defenitely take it out

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