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White filmy stuff on teeth and gums in the morning.?
I brush my teeth in the morning and brush and floss at night before I go to bed. What is this white/clear filmy stuff that is on my teeth and gums in the morning? It's gross.

stop swallowing

I keep my teeth and gums in perfect shape. The only times I get this nasty white film on my teeth and gums is when I use Listerine Whitening pre-brush rinse and/or bleaching trays. I do not get it at all, on the days I don't use them. My friend also has the same problem. Hope this helped.

I know what plaque looks like, this is not the same thing as plaque buildup. I'm not saying it isn't plaque, especially if you don't use whitening products, but maybe it is a reaction to your product.

found a site that explains this http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/37634/slightly better

See your dentist?

do you drink milky drinks before you go to bed it tends to stay in the mouth even after brushing. if you dont then it is diffently dreid silva it has certain minerals in it which when the silva dries out over night the mineral remains.

it's called plaque.

Everyone has this... it's plaque.

When you sleep, your salivary glands and ducts are dormant, so saliva isn't as active as when you're awake, speaking, eating, etc...

Level 6 Troll
It's plaque... residue of saliva, bacteria, and foreign matter... brushing and flossing are a great start - use mouthwash and it should reduce the plaque.

Karen K
It is nothing but overnight plaque build up. Nothing to worry about.

Kella G
It's plaque build up.
"Who put the little socks on all of my teeth? And how did I sleep thru it?"

Larry Botts
its plaque and buildup from bacteria that dont sleep all night.

it's plaque cause by micro-organisms (bacteria) which are naturally present in our mouths - it is the reason why we brush our teeth/floss every morning and night. Otherwise, if we let it build up, we get cavities.

Sir Stuey
If you brush and floss right after bed, it could be residue from the toothpaste. Try to rinse out a little better and brush a bit earlier before you go to bed.

It could also be plaque - try rinsing with a mouthwash and see if anything changes.

It could also be protein buildup from your saliva, which isn't anything to worry about.

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