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Which should you do first: brush, floss or use mouthwash?
What is the most effective way to clean your teeth?

In what order should you do these things:

A) Brush your teeth
B) Floss your teeth
C) Use mouthwash

Just curious, thanks!

A, B, C...in that order.

jessica i
who cares as long as they are all completed, and all in the same sitting!

Brush,then floss, in that order.

I usually first brush then floss. I don't use mouthwash.

we are not sure on the correct order of opperations either, but this is our order!

A)Floss your teeth
B) Brush your teeth
C) Use mouthwash

I think you have it listed right. When I go to the dentist for a cleaning, that's what they do....brush first and then floss.

The most effective way is to do all three in ANY order. Just do it regularly. Whatever works best for you is best. I prefer to swish some water in my mouth first then spit, then brush, then floss, then use mouthwash, but I don't always do it in that order. It's just a personal preference.

This is the order I do it:

1. Floss
2. Brush
3. Gargle

The correct way they tought us in school was floss, brush, rinse. but it really does not matter which is first. the only one that matter is rinsing. make sure that is last, or you will wash away the effects it should have.

johny h
yes it dose matter.
flossing dredges up bacteria and loosens plaque so start with that.
brushing removes the plaque and bacteria
mouth wash kills any bacteria that's left on the soft tissue.

Floss, Brush and then Rinse

Floss first. It dislodges all that gunk and bacteria, which you will want to bruch away. Then brush. Mouthwash is generally not necessary if you are flossing a brushing regularly, but do that last if you like to.

I would floss my teeth to get rid of any food lodged in the gaps, then brush my teeth to keep them looking white and shiney then lastly gargle with mouthwash to give me a fresh breath

Dr Matt W (Australia)
1. Brush to remove most of the plaque. Rinse with water.
2. Floss to get rid of plaque between the teeth. Rinse with water.
3. Don't bother with mouthwashes like Listerine that contain essential oils or cetylpyridium. They have no significant effect. Consider such mouthwashes to be only mouth FRESHENERS. Save your money.
The only effective antibacterial mouthwashes contain chlorhexidine, which I give to patients requiring extractions or surgery, and then only for a few days.
If you're brushing and flossing regularly, then that's all YOU need to do.

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