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Which is better: silver or white fillings?
In two weeks, I am getting two fillings in my back teeth. My dental office recommended silver fillings because they are cheaper and will be going in a less visible location. However, I've heard that the metal can exacerbate sensitivity to temperature. I'm quite sensitive to cold food and beverages. Should I pay the extra money to get a white filling, or go with silver? Is one more durable or less likely to fall out than another?


Don't believe Dave F.

It is true that mercury containing fillings have been around for a long time but while they are still legal in the USA, they are not legal in all nations of the world. Tobacco is legal too but that doesn't mean it doesn't have health risks.

While the reason for your question is not related to health risks, you really should consider the health risks associated with mercury containing fillings. Did you know for instance that the suicide rate for dentists is higher than any other profession?

There is an abundance of information to be found on the dangers of mercury in fillings [over 900 reports].

Do yourself a favor and read the info on the links I have posted below. After reading it you may realize that the reason the dentist and his assistants wear face masks is more likely to protect themselves from the mercury vapors.

These links also go into the answer to the question: Why the ADA still claims mercury fillings are safe?

The first link below contains a chart based on a study of 1569 persons with various different health problems and shows how many were improved or cured by having their mercury fillings removed. Note: Not all were cured because mercury isn't the only thing that affects these conditions. My wife has high blood pressure. We feel like we've tried everything to get it down and nothing is working so we are looking into this possibility. She only has 7 fillings in her mouth and we aren't about to get them removed or replaced until medical testing indicates this may be the cause of her problem but we are determined to never get any new mercury based fillings in the future. Then again what about the health risks of composite fillings??? You have to wonder... are they any better? http://www.dentalwatch.org/hg/myths210.html

BY THE WAY, are you sure you need fillings? When our daughter was in her early teens she went to a new dentist in town and was told she had 5 cavities. She got 3 filled and was suppose to go back to get the other 2 done. Never went back. Years later she went to another dentist and was told she had no cavities! gee, what happened to the other 2? My wife has 7 fillings in her mouth that she got when she was in her teens and was a foster child so the state paid for her medical and dental bills. She married me when she was 18 and now she's 59 and she has never had another filling since. Beware of dentists who drill holes in perfectly good teeth just for the money.

go with the silver

The white fillings are less noticeable BUT the silver fillings are stronger and last longer. I've had silver fillings since I was 12yrs old and now that I'm 32, they are the originals and I haven't had any problems with sensitivity- just don't chew on aluminum foil. My son (who's 6) has the white filling and we've had to go back twice to get them filled because they keep falling out. Good thing it's a baby tooth. Good Luck!

I prefer the white filling but only because of the appearance of the silver ones. Because it's not in a visable location, no one will probably notice anyway so if you don't have the extra money go with the silver. I never had sensitivity issues with either.

Ewan G
white is the more natural colour and wont be so obvious
i have them and their fine :D

My dentist told me that silver filling is more durable than white filling.

I have had mine for something close to 5 years now and I have not felt any kind of sensitivity, though I've never had any (before or after the fillings). In your case, you mention that you already have sensitivity, but I do not know if it will worsen, maybe by switching toothpastes.

Leena G
i've heard that they use silver in the back because it is cheaper, yes, but because it is more sturdy and doesn't really need to be replaced, as white fillings do. white fillings are great for front area teeth. i have silver in my back, which i hate, but have white near my front teeth area. if i had the choice again, i would get white because they look better. but keep in mind, that because they are back teeth, nobody can see them, and silver does do a better job.

The amalgam filling is much more durable, but I personally decided to have my amalgam fillings replaced with composite and I don't regret it. I have one composite filling next to an amalgam (both on my back teeth) and the amalgam just looks awful. I can't wait to have that one replaced too! Also composite expands and contracts more naturally, just like your tooth does, making it less likely to become sensitive.

My dentist doesn't charge differently for amalgam vs. composite either, but then I'm in NZ so perhaps it's different :)

Basically I've traded looks for practicality, but I'm comfortable with the fact that I'll have to keep up the composite and that it will require replacement more often - because you can't even tell i have fillings with the composite, and that's important to me.

i'd go with the white... it's
natural looking and won't
show evidence of bad habits...

that's what i have!!

i have silver and i hate it. my teeth are sensitive! i also have white and when i talk people stare and think i have huge *** cavities. go with the white.

I would pay extra, because the white looks better when like you open your mouth and talk, people are gonna be like what is in her mouth!? like, i think the white would be better because youre sensetive to the coldness of food.

good luck!

i had one 2 weeks ago, they arent fun. :X

I have two white fillings that I've had for a a few years now.
They are very unnoticeable and have never caused me any problems.
I would say spend the extra money and get the ones that will keep your smile pretty :)

Elle R
I had silver, changed them to white, and had to change them back to the silver because the white made my teeth super sensitive.

If you can afford it get the white ones because yes the metal ones are aweful..I wish I had the white ones!
good luck and I hope it doesnt hurt too much.

Bunny D.
I would definitely go with silver, because they won't be visible when you smile and silver actually has LESS sensitivity than composite, or white fillings. Sensitivity can literally never go away with white fillings, but with silver they will last longer and have less sensitivity. Sensitivity with silver fillings will go away in about 3-6 weeks, where with white it can take 8-12 weeks or longer. When you get fillings on your back molars, you have to consider what you use them for....chewing up food. If you crunch on hard candy or ice, you have a greater chance of breaking a white filling, compared to silver. Definitely choose silver, it's cheaper and better!

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