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 Ive a fear of the dentist?
im going to the dentist tommorrow and might have to have a tooth out because of an abcess how can i overcome my ...

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 How much do braces cost?

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and why is it loose ?...

 Please!!! don't laugh at this question, im kinda scared?
just a couple of minutes ago i was playing with my puppy on the floor and she bit my brother when he wasn't looking and he turned around and accedentially hit my mouth with his elbow, and then i ...

 Can you recommend a whitening toothpaste that really works?
Available in the UK please....

 Toothache aaaagh!!!?
I have a really bad toothache! how do i see a dentist in an emergency? i am not registered to my local dentist and i am in pain. will i have to pay as i am working?...

 I am having some teth out to morrow dose it hurt?

 I'm very nervous about my root canal tomorrow?
Did you ever had one? What's the pain level and how long does procedure to take?( I heard it's very painful)...

 Toothbrush: manual or motorized, which is better?

 Do you brush your teeth before or after you eat in the morning?

 I am getting all my teeth removed shortly including wisdoms how much pain should i expect?
I havent been to the dentist in 15 years and its taken me this long to do something about it now i am getting them all fixed. I dont mind so much mouth and jaw pain (i have suffered for so long now i ...

 Where does wisdom teeth grow?
Do the wisdom teeth have to be pull out? If it is not pull out what will happen?...

 What's up with my tooth?
I was eating earlier and I got this REALLY severe stabbing pain in one of my teeth. It only lasted for about a minute or so and then just disappeared again. But it was bad enough to bring tears to my ...

 Oh crap!!! What do I do?
I have this tooth that's been bothering me off and on for a while, but (stupidly) I ignored it hoping it would magically heal itself, and just avoided eating sweet stuff on that side of my mouth....

 Lemon for whitening teeth?
I've read that lemon juice helps to whiten teeth. Is that harmful to teeth at all and does it really work?...

 Bad Breath!!? (part 2)?
I have found out by my previous question that constant bad breath can be caused by digestive problems..
I easily get upset stomachs and stomach problems
and that would make sense why I have ...

i have to get my wisdom teeth pulled on friday and i am SUPER scared about it!! i have been absolutely dreading it for the past 5 months and i absolutely cannot stand the thought of someone yanking ...

 I have 2 have a root canal and i'm really scared.does it hurt?
pls. tell da truth. has anyone had a root canal?
Additional Details
thanx to all those who answered. my dentist took an x-ray and said that i dont need 1 as its close 2 da root but not ...

 What is a root filling?

jermaine b
Where can i go to get my tooth pulled for free?

Ask a boxer to punch you.. ;))

I went to get an emergency filling at the hospital in Aberdeen. It wasn't free for me but I think you can get free treatment if you are under 16, in full time education or on benefits.

Quite confused...
Go to a government dental college .

You can ask someone to pull it out for you if it is loose or you can go to a dentist home and beg for help.

you can try a dental school they may do it for a reduced price

cyndi b
there are charity organizations that will pay for you to go to the dentist to get one pulled depending on where you live.churchs try to help people with it too!

Bo Darville
to your garage. get some string and do it yourself

I don't think anywere...but, dental training schools offer great discounted prices.

Muy Thai Guy
Bill's Farm and Auto

nil d
just irritate the wife of a macho-man. rest assured ! ! !

to a carpenter

There is no piece of paper that you can sign that will release anyone from being liable in a court of law should things go wrong. If there was extraction could be done cheaply in some cases. Tooth Extraction caries risk and things do go wrong sometimes. As long as you live in the United States of America, Dentistry shall be expensive an you will be doomed to suffer if you are poor. The lawyers who run our country wouldn't have it any other way.

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