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 Whats is the difference between a molar & a tooth?
I had my upper tooth out recently but does that mean its not a molar? i dont get it, i assumed tooth and molar are same thing, so what exactly is a molar, did i also get my molar out when i had my ...

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 Is everyone born with wisdom teeth?
My boyfriend says he never had wisdom teeth. Never had them removed. I thought that they are the 3rd set of molars that come in somewhere in your teens or later. But most get impacted and have ...

 Has anyone gotten a root canal?
I am wondering if there is usually pain in that area for a few days after....

 If you had to get fillings on most of your teeth would it hurt?

 Should I be nervous of the Dentist???
I have not been to a dentist in like 8 years. I need my wisdoms pulled. About 5 cavities filled and would like 8 veneers on my top teeth. I'm thinking like 20k in work. I'm not afraid of ...

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 Why do some people grid their teeth when they are asleep?
I was just curious as to why people do this and is it a sign of epilepsy or something like that? And how come people who do this dont wake up? i dont have this problem but im curious as to why people ...

 Do you wet your toothbrush before putting toothpaste on it?
My girlfriend freaked out when she saw me put toothpaste on my toothbrush without wetting it FIRST. I DO wet it while brushing, just not when I put the paste on....What do you do?...

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 O my gosh, im getting braces and im so scared. Does it hurt getting them put on?

 What food and drink is bad for your teeth?
My teeth are yellow and very sensitive. I eat alot of chocolate throughout the day. What is it thats really bad for your teeth and is their any food / drink good for it....

 S.O.S - killer toothache! I need prayers.?
I have a killer toothache. My cheek is swollen. What can i do to relieve pain and the swollen cheeks? I have tried ibrufin, paracitamol, clover oil, warm water+salt, rubbing ice on hand - all with ...

 Help me with my breath problem please?
I have a problem with my breath for instience i use mouthwash every morning and before bed with flossing and when i go out i use gum or tic tac but when i eat tic tac my breath stills stinks ( like i ...

 Any alternatives to toothpaste?

 How much do braces Cost?
How much do braces cost in Toronto Ontario??...

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 Is it normal for a 13 year old to have cavities?
I just wanted to know if it is normal for a 13 year old to have cavities in her teeth? Because I had a sore tooth and I told my mum and she looked and said it looks like I have cavities in 3 of my ...

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 Why does our mouth burn while gargling mouthwash?
whenever I use Listerine after brushing my mouth burns for some time, why is that?...

Where can I purchase a pair of good used false teeth?
Whenever I eat out with my wife I always have to wait until she's finished so that I can borrow her teeth. We share many things we even have a joint account.

Try a joke shop.

Dream On
What joints do you keep in your account - elbows; knees?

I have 3 or 4 old sets of teeth lying in a drawer somewhere which you can have for free - just send me a couple of quid towards postage and they're all yours. Give me a days notice so I can wash the dust of them.

Keep smiling (oops - you can't do that yet, can you?)!

Check with you local undertakers or you can find them on the internet at www.cheaperchoppers.com

as funny as it sounds and i know your taking the piss//i walked into a junk shop some years back and there in front of me was a big basket filled with all kinds of dentures and i said to the proprietor these are not for sale surely and he said he would hope that basket would be empty by the end of the week so what does that tell you about the habits of some people

eBay. Seriously.


james h

Tony BinEye
Two guys I know operate a used parts shop in Edinburgh. Their names are Burke and Hare. They should be able to get you a pair.

Puma Academy™©®
How nice.

Stella S
British Heart Foundation shop in Swindon has just received a new consignment of used false teeth from the local crematorium. Grey: 50p per set; yellow: 26p per set; fire damaged: 10p per set.

Try asking at your local Pawn shop.

Ren E
I know you are kidding. False teeth have to be fitted to the person.

You, as the husband, should go to your Dentist and have him/her make you a set of false teeth no matter what the cost. If you're 65 or older, Medicare will take care of some of the cost.

Try your local undertakers!

Ugh, that's digusting.

Bit of a bug**r in restaurants though ain't it. Try Oxfam- they have all sorts of rubbish in there.

ken p

barbara c

Try your local undertakers...

ha ha, very funny.Why don't you get your food liquidised?

Haha, that's not bad, kinda funny.

Surely you have to be joking Uggggggh,,,,,

Jimmy J
I have an old pair that belonged to my grandma I can sell you cheap. They've been soaking in a glass for the last 25 years, but I change the water monthly.

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