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When do you use mouth wash? Before or after you brush your teeth?
I've always used it after brushing my teeth. However, my roommate uses it before. Who is right and why?

I do it both, they are your teeth, so you don't want to lose them

both before and after

Normal brushing of teeth not only cleans/massages teeth and gums but also kills a lot of bacteria in the mouth due to the action of chemicals in the toothpaste used. Bad breath is masked to some extent.
Mouthwash is meant to specifically kill odor causing bacteria and is pretty strong, though its effect on controlling bad breath is not long lasting. The purpose of mouthwash is not to clean/massage the teeth and gums, but its ingredients are stronger than those used in a toothpaste for bad breath control.
I feel using a mouthwash after brushing would be a good idea as it may result in a longer lasting masking of bad breath as compared to using mouthwash first and then brushing teeth.

Brush your teeth first, then gargle with mouth wash, then floss, then gargle again.

after. ur roomie might have the kind of mouthwash that whitens teeth and thats got instructions that say to use before brushing

Chef Tony
After. Floss loosens, brushing cleans and loosens as well, rinse with water, rinse with mouthwash (gets rid of debris thats left over from brushing). Anything medicated goes last.

I normally use it before i brush my teeth just to kill the germs first.But some use it after they brush.It depends one ones choice.

Floss first
Then brush
Use mouthwash last. Then you shouldn't rinse, eat, or drink for 30 minuites.

The purpose of the mouthwash is to fill in the holes on the surface of your teeth with floride to strengthen your enamel.

I use it after too. I really don't know what's right and wrong.

After, read the bottle and most mouth washes tell you not to eat or drink anything for like 30 min after using it. Which would include brushing.

i don't think it matters, but i usually do it after.

NYC gal
You can actually use it before and after. Mouthwash kills bacteria that causes bad breath especially something like Listerine. There are other "rinses" that are supposed to soften plaque (which I don't think mouthwash does- ex. Act) so that when you brush your teeth they are cleaner. That's probably optimal but you could find a good mouthwash that does both and use it before and after for clean teeth.

either actually. but 'after' is the best way. since mouth was mainly used to clean out the remaining germs (between unreachable for brush area & tongue). so it's best to brush 1st,to clear out main stain,then use mouthwash to finish it all..

I use it after but there is a new product out there that you use first, I've seen it advertised. I don't know why... As long as you are getting the nasties out of your mouth I don't really think it matters. I do it after because the brushing gets rid of surface stuff that might block the mouth wash from getting between my teeth.

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