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 Is it a good or bad sign if my teath bleed when I brush them?
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When can i smoke- i just had my tooth extracted?
my friend had her tooth pulled out today at around 1pm. she really wants a cigarette is it ok to smoke today? or should she wait a day or 2?

Are you really that hooked, use the shame you should be feeling for having asked, to give up You sad addict.

Nick D
Ideally, she should never smoke again.

She will die in a most horrific way if she continues.

OMG its a sign!!! tell her that she cant smoke again

hoover phonic
Smoking will give her mouth cancer and then she'll be dead. Way to go.

yogi bear
smoke now, shes dead anyway if she continues,

paul m
give up smoking all together, it's a "DIRTY HABIT"

more room in the ashtray nice one

Chz Burger Cat
why not take this time to quit for good? Smoking is dumb-

dels replies
Be sensible Give it up altogether

Ask your friend this question.
"If you had an open wound on your hand would you stick it into boiling water?"
That is basically what you're doing when you take smoke into your mouth. The temp of the smoke is probably over 200 degrees F. It burns the oral tissues. You have an open wound after the extractions. Do you want to burn these wounds and do even more tissue damage?
Tell your friend not to be a dummy. Cigarettes cause mouth cancer from the constant tissue irritation (burning). Better to take the money they cost and use it to light a memorial candle.
If she has to smoke she should wait at least two - three days to allow the start of healing.

Hope P
they say no smoking or drinking from a straw to keep from getting dry socket, which can be painful. but people do smoke within the 24 hrs i was witness to them just wetting mouth and not inhaling hard

Wait at least 2 days

She shouldn't smoke until her gum starts healing. Or she could end up with a painful condition called dry socket.

You should wait 24 hours

When I have had tooth pulled, my dentist has recommend me not smoking for at least a week, due to the fact that you could experience a dry socket which is by far more painful then getting a tooth pulled.

No. Have her wait 24-48 hours. 24 is ok. It is not the smoke that bothers it, it is the drawing action of the cig. You see you want a blood clot to form in that space. The drawing action of smoking, suction through a straw, forceful spitting, or forceful swishing can disrupt that blood clot or pull it out all together. With out that clot in place you can get a dry sockett which is rather painful. Some people smoke and dont ever get one. Some smoke and get one. So its her choice. But it hurts "per patients painful moans".

Mark S
I had mine out then smoked and the bone in my mouth got infected this was from smoking.
Please tell your friend no smoking for a few days as this can cause servere pain.

you should wait for 24 hours our you could risk having dry socket which is more painfull than toothache.

I smoked on the way back from dentist, its hard to do with a numb lip.

You should wait 24 hours though or you could risk infection.

momma` nini
you should at least wait about a day and half .. ive had some teeth pulled and made the mistake to smoke right after and it hurts really bad and started to bleed.

Definatly wait a day or two you don't want any infection

Gary K
Wait until dinnertime tomorrow, longer if it was a bigger tooth (larger wound to heal)

Besides, trying to smoke when the your mouth is all swollen is no fun, with the dribbling & inability to hold it between the lips probably :-P

Ignore the "quit-smoking" brigade, you asked for advice, not a lecture!

When you can hold it your mouth without dribbling lol - sorry, had to say that. I would make sure the anaesthetic had worn off and if you still have a plug over the 'hole' it should be OK - otherwise wait 24 hours.

I smoked not too long after i got all 4 wisdom teeth pulled (like within a few hours lol). But that was me I probably wouldn't suggest that. I'd wait like 24 hours, but as a fellow smoker I know how HARD that can be.

If you can't make it smoke a few drags then rinse rinse rinse real good after wards. I didn't have any problems but that doesn't mean someone else won't.

Anytime I got a toth pulled, they tell me NO SMOKING for 2-3 days....as soon as I left to DR's I was smoking. But I'm not saying because I did it, Nothing will happen to you. I never got dry socket. But you can get it. If you do smoke, just keep changing your gauze after every cig. just to make sure your keeping it clean, and rinse with salt water as well. Good luck!

Do you realize just how gross and unattractive smoking is?

Beautiful girls should never smoke it causes wrinkles, yellow teeth and offensive odor.

Do you live in a trailer by chance?

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