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 Wisdom teeth??????
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 Does Michel jackson have a nose?

 Dental filling has fallen out of front tooth. Looks ugly. Would it be considered emergency by dentist?

Additional Details
Filling has now been replaced - as well as another one!
Sincere thanks to everyone for their help.
Am all numbed up now, but I really appreciate all the ...

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what can I do?...

 Augh...my braces are killing my mouth! What should I do?
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Where you from??? (what state) and how much did it cost???? Was it worth it???? I want to do it cuz the at home kits always hurt my teeth REALLY REALLY bad.........

 Should I brush my teeth at night or in the morning q?

 My daughter has like this white stuff on her teeth can anyone tell me what it is and how to remove it.?
Its near the gum line she scrapes it off with her nails and we bought her all different kids of toothbrushes its just does nto seem to go away or it comes back
Additional Details
It is ...

 Problems /with Braces:URGENT?
I need help. I know how to do the rubber bands but im having a realy difficult time. Do i really need to wear the rubberbands.. My teeth have already gotten really staright. Please i need answers ...

 Does brushing make your breath smell good?
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 You you mind going to the dentist?
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 Does 5 minute teeth whitening kit work if i keep on the gel longer?
i have the 5 minute teeth whitening kit, with the pre wash and mouth tray. if i keep it on for bout a hour will the results be better? its been about 30 minutes ...

 Gosh!!!!!!!! Pls read this!!!!!?
I'm 14 and i didn't go to the denist for like a year..My parents were SOOO BUSY..so my dad might take me to the denist soon..When i was 8 years old I had 7 teeth out...DO you think he will ...

Whats the best way to get rid of an overbite?
might be importent

Those clear braces might be good but i dont know..and also...is there a surgery for a quick fix???

Braces, braces are the must have for over or under bite.You might have to wear a headgear. A headgear is something you wear if you have a overbite or underbite. http://www.delukeorthodontics.com/headgear.
I only wear it at night.
If you overbite or underbite is to deep then you might have to have surgery. Go to your orthodontist and see what he says.
Good luck!

Have your teeth pulled and get dentures - it's a lot cheaper and faster. Plus you can take them out to clean them.

First Lady
Braces is the only way I know of. I had an overbite, too and I had to have braces for it.

smash the over bite into a wall and use a hammer to destry the part of the jaw that juts out. then use silly putty to make a regular bite.

clear braces...worked for me.....

sledge hammer

braces is the answer to that stuff

Braces, but sometimes an overbite is cute!

let someone punch you dead in your mouth hard

there is no quick fix for an overbite.

Consult a dentist or an orthodontist


CC Babydoll
braces for sure...my daughter had a major one, braces did the trick...her teeth are beautiful now!
Ortho's do give free consults, would be a good place to start for information

When I was young and sitting around doing nothing I would put my thumb against my front teeth and push back on them.I had a bad overbite and couldn't afford to get braces.Now I don't have an overbite.Of course it depends on how much time you have and how soon you want to solve the problem and how much you want to save.

marry someone with an underbite...hahaha

Nunoyvgvna Awi
Braces are the cheapest way to go.

Full reconstructive mouth surgery is possible but more expensive than a luxury car.

Some orthodontists will use interchangeable mouth guards over weeks and months to correct a bite issue.

It all depends on your bite, jaw, etc. Everyone is different.

Go see a orthodontist for options.

PS - clear braces yellow over time....basic silver is way to go...its not a big deal that you wear them, its all in your head. They also make some that go on the back of the teeth.

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