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so ...

Whats the best thing to do for canker sores?

Go to the drug store and get some medicated cream for them. Although, they will heal themselves in 3 to 4 days.

About the toothpaste ingredient that encourages this problem: Rembrandt makes a variety of toothpaste without that ingredient, and it really works for my husband. He went from having frequent canker sores to having very few, if any. All he did was switch toothpaste to Rembrandt whatever, anti-canker sore or something. Works for him. And he still has plenty of stress, so that wasn't it for him! :-) :-)

john b
Warm tea bags. They draw out the toxins, and help the pain.

By gargling your mouth with salt water,
the mouth ulcers will heal quickly.
I found the homeremedies at

Get Oragel or Anbesol and put it on the sore and it will numb the pain and help heal it. My daughter got one when she was 3 and she liked to put an ice cube on it and it helped her.

~ <3 ~
Not sure, but just a note:

If you look online, there is stuff saying that toothpaste with SLS (sodium larethle sulfate or however it's spelt) can promote canker sores. Not sure how true this is, my mom says it's true. But it may be something to look into.

Tina of Lymphland.com
I get sores like these all the time, do you get them alot? I have been tested and have food allergies, allergic to mustard and also they suspected lupus and I was tested negative. You might have a food allergy causing them, keep a food journal and see when they appear and you might find the culprit. I get them dime or nickel sized, nasty things.

First off, you need to numb them up to eat, Zilactin swabs are over the counter, $5.00 at Walmart, there are also other products that numb but check the ingredients as you want at least 10% lidocain or benzocaine. You can also get script from your doctor for pure lidocain and use a qtip to swab on, that works really good.

Prevention mouth wash found at Walgreens $10.00 a bottle is well worth the money, it prevents mouth sores if you use it once a day and especially after eating an allergy food that could cause them.

You want to use an antibacterial/antiviral type mouthwash too, listerine is good but dollar stores sell brands comparable, make sure on the label it says it's antibacterial.

Now the real helper best of all, if you can get a prescription for a mouth wash called C/BEN/MAL/LIDO it's a special mixture of benedryl, maalox, and lidocain in a base and that numb and heals those sores in 2-3 days rather than more than a week. I had to go to a rheumatologist to find out about that and believe me, it's well worth every cent!

pink kitty
Ice works well to reduce swelling and relieve pain, most over the counter medications for canker sores don't do much, But I guess it is worth a try. Alum ( a spice) mixed with water in a ratio of 1:1 or 2:1 placed on the canker sore will help dry it out- but do not swallow large amounts of it. It will hurt like crazy- but if you want it to reduce in size this will help.

There is a product called Tanac that is sold in most drug stores. It contains pain killers and also a medicine that helps them heal faster. Taking B-vitamins can help prevent them.

Gargle with warm salt water rinse and try to avoid salty, spicy food.

Campophenique ointment.

christopher s
When it's all bubbly and itchy, lance it and squeeze out all the juice. Then dab Right Guard antiperspirant on it. It will sting, but you will kill the virus that causes the damned things. I did this once and didn't get one for several years.

The virus for these sores resides in your lower jaw. Many things can make it erupt to the surface. Salty popcorn is a danger food for me. Eating oranges is another. Letting my lips get too dry is a sure-fire cold sore, too. You need to learn what kicks it off in your body and avoid those things. Best of luck!

Drink some soup(like clear broth with veggies NOT TOMATO chicken broth with veggies will help).Eat fruits....except tomato and orange....(for the acidyness OUCH ).Put some lip balm on.Gargle with mouthwash.Try any of these things.Drink ice cold water or ginger ale (coke mixed with sprite actually equals fake ginger ale.Again,try any of these things.

canker sores are wicked painful, i feel for you years ago they had this purple stuff that really worked overnight but anything good they no longer make! try and put a drying solution on them like baking soda and try and leave your toungue off from it. they also sell a new product now that asks like a skin over the affected area you should be able to fing it in the oral isle of wal-mart or your fav. drug-store.

I'm a nurse. OTC medication will help you. As you should know this is caused by stress. Try to relax, everything is going to be OK.

I heard peroxide was a good home remedy.

Anbesol - you can get it at the grocery store it comes in liquid or gel and you put it right on the sore and it numbs it

wash your mouth out with salt water, and then use orajel or something to numb the pain

What I have always told my friends to use and it always worked, is powdered Alum. You will find it in the spice aisle at the grocery store. Not very expensive. Used in pickling sometimes. Make sure to buy the powdered, not the granular. Wet the tip of your finger, dip it in the Alum and dab on your cold sore. Repeat as needed. What it does is allows the cold sore to dry out so it can heal. Taste like crud, will make your lips pucker, but it works. Make sure to keep this Alum in the medicine cabinet. And mark it medicinal or something so as not to confuse with regular spices.

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