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Whats the best pain killer for a toothache?
its an infected cavity and she has to wait ages

I know it sounds nasty but if you grind up an aspirin and put it directly on your tooth it helps allot. Also if it is infected if you rinse with a Listerine type mouthwash and try to swish really well around the tooth so that the mouth wash will work its way up into the gums and kill some of the infection. It keeps the infection from building up too much in the gum, but it will not get rid of it. It helped me allot when I had to wait for a root canal. Best of luck:)

If the tooth is infected she must get antibiotics as soon as possible to prevent more serious complications taking hold.

Pain relief wise take 1g of paracetemol every 4 hours and 400mg ibuprofen every 4-6 hours. Try to ensure there is always some analgesia in your system by taking paracetemol and then ibuprofen 2 hours later and so on. These are the best drugs OTC and stronger pain killers such as codeine are available by prescription but be prepared for more side effects such as nausea and dizziness. Drugs such as neurofen plus contain codeine but at small doses and are not worth it in my opinion.

Good luck and make sure you see a dentist ASAP

Storm Chaser UK
If you're in the UKand the patient is over 12 years, go to a chemist and ask for Orajel extra strength. It's about £5 for a small tube (it lasts ages). You squeeze a small amount onto a finger and apply it on to the tooth. It's designed for tooth ache with open cavities. It doesn't taste too bad and it does go a bit hot in the mouth. It also has a local anaesthetic in it so it works really quickly. Use that and take Paramol or Co-codamol (available over the counter as supervised sales from chemists). The gel will last for quite a while and then the normal pain killers will carry on the relief.

I had my wisdom teeth removed and they gave me Lortab. That worked wonders! good luck!

Paracetamol at 500mgs usually does the trick of killing pain in the tooth ache department. You can take up to 6 - 8 of these a day - read the label etc.

Other thing you can do is get hold of a small bottle of Clove Oil [Oil of Cloves] from your supermarket pharmacy department and rub some of that around the gum of the infected tooth. This will help numb the gum and take a lot of the pain away.

if you can take it ibuprofen is good as it is an anti imflammitary as well as a painkiller so if there is slight swelling as well then this is good, or neurofen is also good. You can try anadin extra as well.

Soluble asprin always seems to work best for hubby. However a comment on a previous amswer, Do Not put neat ground up asprin directly on your tooth/gum it can cause a nasty chemical burn, drinking and swilling the soluble round evoids that but gets the pain killer into your system quickly.

But don't use if you have an ulcer or clotting problems.

We found it does not taste as nasty if you dissolve it in fizzy drink rather than water.

i work in dental and we recommend ibuprofen or nurofen plus providing you do not have any medical conditions which contradict with this eg, asthma, stomach ulcer - always read leaflets before taking any medication. these medications act as an anti inflammatory as well as a painkiller. you should not have to wait ages if you require emergency dental treatment i recommend that you contact your dentist or NHS direct and get an emergency appointment as soon as possible.

Cloves, but she does need treatment. if you can't get an immediate dental appointment, go to the emergency dental dept in the hospital.

Best thing is Nurofen + but really you will need antibiotic to clear the infection. Bonjela gel helps or put some whisky on the infected spot. Alternatively warm salt water to rinse with to clean the infection.

IBOPROFEN!!... i swear by the stuff its amazing

Ibuprofen - Nurofen is probably the best one, it's an anti-inflammatory too. Maybe call an emergency dentist; they will at least be able to get her out of any pain and discomfort she is in.

try nurofen from a gas station across the counter or local shop

Jenny S
Ibuprofen is very good or maybe cocodomol which is a bit stronger, good luck.

Oil of cloves. Also take some iboprofen and gargle some salty water round your mouth as often as you can. And ring up NHS helpline to have seen as soon as possible....Hope this helps

Hi i am Donna from England, i suffer from maxim us sinutitis, which is a nerve in the eye across the cheek down the ear and neck,it also attacks my teeth when i get a attack,the pain is like a mouth full of broken teeth, the best pain killer by far for toothache is nerofen {iboprofen)and co codamol it takes the dental pain away straight away.If you get an infection from your tooth go to the doctors for penicillian also, as painkillers wont rid the infection...........................hope your ok nowxoxoxoxooxxoxoxooxox

Nurofen plus. Try swilling hot water and salt its good for fighting infection. Also try oil of cloves.

just about any pain reliever will work. I prefer to use Aleve gel caps, which is just liquified naproxen sodium. it works fast and you don't have to take it but every 8-12 hours.

Ibuprofen, try liquid form it works faster. Try also looking for a brand of mouth wash at the drugstore called sterisol, its for infection to heal bring the swelling down. For the tooth pain directly, use a liquid form of extra strength ambesol (for tooth and gum pain). Until you go to the drugstore for her have her hold a warm cloth on her cheek, this helps as well. Hope this helps, toothaches hurt so bad ;(

Get her some over the counter Orajel .. comes in a tube and you place it into the cavity.. kinda freezes it.. just go to your nearest pharmacy..
There are some home remedies too but I have never tried them.. such as a cotton ball soaked in vinegar.. and you bite down on it.. relieves it for a bit I hear..
Toothaches and Earaches there should be no such thing, geez they hurt.. Anyhow hope this helps..

the best thing to do is rinse your mouth out with salt dissolved in boiling water. let the water cool enough for you to swill it around your tooth. the salt will act as a natural antiseptic the only other thing to do is visit a dentist good luck i hope this helps

ally k
i think if you put crushed black pepper that my numb the pain. other wise strong painkiller such as paracetamol or cuprofen (ibuprofen) might work.
Best check with a medical person. if you are in the uk phone nhs direct

flower power
Ibuprofen..best pain killer for teeth & joints.

In addition to oil of clove, which does have a temporary numbing effect and is thus an excellent oral painkiller, try myrrh gum. You can find this essential oil in most health food shops. If not, see if Boots or some other chemist has it.

The caution about oil of clove is that it should be used very carefully because it is a powerful skin irritant when applied directly. It may be best to dilute it with a water-vinegar solution (or with milk); then shake well and gargle with it as long as you can stand it.

Myrrh gum can be applied safely topically, but beware that it is very sticky and messy, and is very difficult if not impossible to remove from any surface (fingers, clothes, countertop, sink). I recommend dropping it onto a cotton swab held over the rubbish bin, then over to the sink and mirror .

In addition, take propolis (a bee product) in several forms, for overall oral health.

Hi there Razawire, I know what it is like to have toothache like this......it's excruciatingly painful!!! It really does affect your day to day living. What I found to be effective was one paracetamol 500mg and one ibuprofen 400mg. I also used oil of cloves on a piece of cotton wool and bite down on it. Another very good aid is Anbesol liquid on a piece of cotton wool too...all chemists sell it. In between this, get some dried cranberries and wedge one into the cavity....cranberries have great healing and disinfecting properties and it really works! (You can buy them from Tesco)
I hope this infection clears up as quick as possible so that it can be treated by the dentist.

Orajel, It's made up with benzocaine, it provides more or less instant relief, it feels like you have just had the injection at the dentist without the fat mouth, it does wear off after ten minutes roughly but it must do something as the tooth ache would usually be gone by the time the orajel wore off, Its the best £5 I ever spent and the small tube lasts long enough to make it good value for money, you can get it from Boots and a few other chemists stock it. Take Ibuprofen when needs must.

I found that if you hold a shot of whisky in your mouth for a few minuits the pain goes away. Try it.

The LG
I take 800mg ibuprofen every 8 hours. I also have some left over vicoden that's about 3 years old so it doesn't do much other than make me sick to my stomach. Ibuprofen won't completely take the pain away, it might take the edge off, but it's the most effective painkiller you can buy OTC in the US. It seems to work better if an infection is involved. I suppose because it's an anti-inflammatory. You can also try holding some OTC Camphophenique over the tooth. Just don't swallow it.

Really, there's nothing you can do to help a toothache except get it pulled or treated. Antibiotics will get rid of the pain if it's an abscess but the pain will come back if you don't get the source removed.

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