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Council Tenant
What would happen if you brushed your teeth with a toothbrush that has fallen in the toilet?
can you get sick from it?

Yes you can get sick from it.

probably not. i mean..If you don't at least wash it off before you use it its a possibility. and of course...depending on how clean you toilet is. Sometimes the toilet is the cleanest part of your bathroom. I wouldn't recommend swirling your toothbrush around the edges of the toilet and then brushing. But if you simply dropped it in the water....I doubt its a big deal.

Probably not if the toilet is clean however bacteria can hide on the wall so i would advise getting a new tooth brush

Yes you can get sick from it - just go buy a new one

well... that happened to me once and I cleaned it using alcohol and I just used my spare... I don't think you would get sick though... Dogs drink from the toilet and you don't see them barfing and coughing up blood or anything like that, so you should be fine...

betty boop
you are better off not brushing your teeth going to the store buying a new one getting home then brushing your teeth. It will not kill you to delay a brushing rather then useing your toilet brush.

it all depends on what you have cleaned your toilet with. /
i would sat to throw away your tooth btrush or us it to shine your shoes with.
just go get another one.

did you brush your teeth with the toothbrush you dropped in the toilet?
if so. gargle with listerine twice a day for about 2 days. to be on the safe side. and watch your diet.
but if you start getting sick and naucious consuklt your doctor immediately. or consult the poison control center.
but there is probably nothing to worry about.
just be careful next time.

yeah you can get sick from it.

so... I'd suggest... getting a new one.

Well, I think it would depend on what was in your toilet at the time the tooth brush fell in. Hummmmmmmmm?
But if it was a cleanly flushed toilet. And you didn't use toilet water everyday. No! You are not going to get sick from it. Even if the toilet had chemicals in it to turn the water blue. A one time shot won't do anything.
Although, just the thought of brushing my teeth with toilet water would most likely make me throw-up!!!!!!!!
I'm sure it would be wise to toss that tooth brush out and get a new one!

Atown x D0rK
Ewwww, seems nastyy =X

Well, I think you can get sick from it because it has fallen in the toilet. & the toilet has many germs & bacteria & such that has been dropped in their.

Well, hopefully you didn`t brush your teeth with that tootbrush :P

You "COULD". Remember that toilet contains bacteria and you could transmit that in your mouth.

Bella Donna
Depends on what is in the toilet apart from water. Yuk

You can get sickness and diarrro, diare (the s**ts). My daughter cleaned to toilet with her brother's toothbrush because he took her school lunch and he was ill for 3 days.

you've been watching Seinfeld recently? Yes it's possible, but just as much as it's possible from touching some part of your sink

You have redefined "potty mouth."

If the toilet had been FLUSHED, you'd probably be okay. Toilet water isn't exactly the cleanest water in the house, but it's not as bad as people think it is. Dogs drink it all the time. It's probably better than the water quality in most third world countries.

Tina W
I doubt it.

Well it depends...you will get sick if you have open sores in your mouth...but then myth busters did a test that if we keep our tooth brush within a meter diameter from the toilet it gets a good dose of E coli each time we flush!!!But before getting sick i think you maybe feel sick just the thought of putting toilet water in your mouth!!! I live alone and I'm the only one who uses my toilet and i still wouldn't brush with my toothbrush if it fell on the floor never mind in the bowl!!! YUK YUK YUK

Mr Christian Ct
If it's not cleaned off real good with hot water you could get sick.By not taking any chances i would through it away and use new one.

You would then have "POTTY MOUTH"!!!

Michelle G
I'm sure you could. However, keep this in mind. A study was done that showed the average household actually has more germs in their kitchen sink than in their toilet. I think I would fork out the dollar to just get another tooth brush though :)

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