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 Isn't it time to get them off?
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 My daughter has bad breath.. Even after she brushes it still smells a little..?
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 What can I do for a tooth that has started hurting in the nerve?
My wisdom teeth have needed to come out for about a month now. But I can't get them taken out yet because my husband is overseas for another 3 wks. We have 2 babies so I have to wait for him to ...

What will happen if you swallow a gauze?
I went to the dentist and had a tooth pulled late last night .He told me to keep the hole packed with gauze .I feel asleep with the gauze in my mouth and I swallowed it in my sleep it feels stuck in my throat.What should I do?If I swallow this will be ok then?Ok can any one help


Try and cough it up if it's in your throat,
If you swallow it you will just pass it out the other end,


you get strained poo

Em and Jo
get over yourself. you will digest quickly enough.

It should pass on it's own. Drink more water to get things moving.

Maybe you should phone your dentist to check.. then you will know for sure

Mrs taffy36
dont worry about it, it will soon come out the other end

if you do swallow it wont do anything but if you feel parranoid, eat dry bread and do the sick thing..

no reason to worry.. :)

try drinking lots of water for it not to stuck on your throat its ok to swallow that stuff it will just come out with your feces its a soft material so it isnt that much a problem try it immediately dnt worry that much try e mailing me with the result im just concerned bout your situation

Drink a glass of water - about five ounces will be enough. This, too, shall pass; don't worry ;^)

Nothing to worry about. It will pass through your system safely. Unfortunately, you are going to need to keep an eye out for it to make sure it passes. If you don't see it by mon or tues, see your Md

killa' fo' real
nothing will happen if you can swollow it completely into your stomach.

Geeza Sooka Yerlips
If you swallow a gauze,
And it reaches your bawz,
you may feel a bit "iffy"
but you won`t get a stiffy.

go to the doctor now dont spend usless time on the comp when you have something in your throat...

¸.•*¨)Sweet Sinner¸.•*¨)
It will come out the other end so don't worry ;o)

was this a cotton based gauze? It'll be digested and pass normally.

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