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 Do braces hurt !!!!?

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What kind of food do u eat when u have braces?
i got braces, it hurtz and when i eat it hurtz. what do i do? what do i eat?

in the beginning it will really hurts. you can start eating porridge. after a few days the pain will subside, and we can eat as per normal. but try to avoid real solid food like ice, cause it will worsen the pain or even spoil the bracket.

by the way, initially, the pain will be last pretty long (for me its about 1wk) but later on it will last for about 2-3 days. be patient friend. =)

I feel your pain i had braves for four years but your teeth will be amazingly nice afterwards. Eat soup and soft food, ice cream, bread nothing really hard the first couple of days avoid all candy, gum, cottage cheese .. Hope this helps

well u can go to ur doctor or whatever they r and get a list of wat things u can eat and not eat.
i got braces and the doctor gave me a big list of things to eat and not
1 thing not to eat is don't eat sticky candy it can break a band or bracket

If you've just gotten braces, take a lot of advil and eat soft foods, or consume meal drinks, like ensure, or met-rex which has a great balance of nutrition and will fill you up. The pain will lesson every day and you'll be back to eating normal foods. Just try to avoid stuff like popcorn and gum ;)
And when the braces are finally off, it'll all be worth it, I promise!

Maybe yogurt or something that won't get stuck in your braces.

Sammie Rose
well, I just got them a week ago, and they stopped hurting. They'll hurt mostly on the second and third day. You can gradually eat harder things. I ate cottage cheese, Yogurt, applesauce, oatmeal, and pudding. Those are the best foods for when your braces hurt. Also, when you start to be able to chew, sugarless gum helps.

dont eat anything thats chewy like peanut butter, gum, candy like starburst,anything with carmel in it, etc. also food and drinks that are extremely hot or cold bother some pple but it didn't bother me... if ur braces hurt really bad then i would stick to pudding and jello for a while and work ur way up to solid foods...u just have to try and see what works... its different for everyone... good luck!! :-)

try to eat some noodles and soup, It helps alot

When I first got my braces. The VERY first thing I ate was PIZZA! I was dying to have it and it hurt like hell but at least I was happy! haha but the real pain didnt kick in untill about the third day. That is when I was eating jello and yogurt all day. haha

Lisa L
drink liquids that aren't sticky. After a while, your teeth won't hurt when you eat with braces. For the meantime, eat some yogurt, or drink milk. Or, drink those protein drinks. You'll get enough nutrition from them. Try jello too

I <3 Leone
Wow I remember when I first got my braces it hurt real bad. Eat Jell-o or yogurt that kind of stuff. I think it took me at least two weeks before I could eat regular foods. I can't really remember I got mine off in February. But when your teeth start to feel better you can finally eat anything you want. Well almost anything nothing to sticky like gum, and you can't bit on ice or jawbreakers but I believe that your orthodontist told you that.

fish porridge or mashed potato.

yogert, soup, ice cream, stuff thats not hard. you can start eating to the way you were in a few weeks. Trust me, i'm getting them off soon.

First off, start taking Tylenol or Advil or something to alleviate pain when you eat. It'll go away, but it may be a couple days.

Stick with yogurt, pasta, applesauce.. but once the pain's over, eat whatever you want. I had braces for two years, didnt change my diet a bit. Still ate jolly rancers, starbursts, gum, steak... Dont let braces ruin your love for food! I never had any loose brackets or anything, never even flossed and my orthodontist said I was doing great and everything went wonderfully. I have nice, straight, white teeth now.

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