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What is this bone coming out of my gums?
I just got my wisdom teeth pulled a few weeks ago, and I recently noticied a small sharp bump on my upper left area. It feels hard, and like a tooth, but it is still in the gum. My right side doesn't have it at all. Does anyone have any idea what this is?

I called my doctor and he said it was something like a bone splinter. Should i take this out or just let it sit?

it is a bone splinter they often have to break your jaw bones in places to get the wisdom teeth out, yes pull it out, or the stuipd doctor should have offered to do that for you,

It is a splinter. That's normal. If you can't pull it out the dentist can.

You should let a professional do it. It may be deep or you may cut yourself.

i dont suggest doing anything wierd with your gums or teeth after they just got out of surgery. your gums are super sensitive to bacteria and prone to infections afterwards. dont do anything yourself or you could complicate things a lot and be in a world of pain. talk to your doctor. if they already know and didnt suggest you take further action its probably nothing that wont heal up on its own. if it continues to bother you maybe they need to take a look at it. but dont do anythign yourself!!

It's a left over fragment, it is normal, I pulled out mine.

If it's loose and you can just pull it out, do so, otherwise, leave it and it will come out by itself.

It is more then likely a bone splinter and will come out on its own.

I've had them before when I've had extractions done.

I've always worked them loose with my tongue and no problems.

It's either a bone splinter, or a peice of hardend cartlidge, it's perfectly normal to get them..they tend to work themselves loose and dissapear in a matter of weeks, don't worry about it...unless it bleeds or becomes infected it's no big

i had one of those when i had my wisdom teeth out...it was a bone/tooth shard. it worked its way out of the gum on its own, but when it started breaking thru further, i kinda helped it out with the tooth brush and scraping at it. i'm not one who can just leave things sit....

uhm go back to the dentist to check it out!!

If it's a small bone splinter, which is common, it will probably just come out like a splinter. If you have the nerve to try, you can grab it with something and see if it comes out easily. If it doesn't want to cooperate and it's still bothering you, it is generally easy for the dentist to remove these splinters.

Worst case.... It might be the edge of the socket that would have to be reduced surgically in order for your mouth to heal. If this is what's wrong, you won't be able to wiggle or even budge it if you try to remove it.

If you can't get it out yourself, go see the dentist.

mine done the same thing sometimes when extracting teeth little pieces are left and they work there way out. they should come out on there own i wouldn't pull it out . it might make it sorer. mine just came out by its self.

i think you should get a second opion from another professional


+++++ SPOOK ++++

Jimmy Pete
It's probably a tooth!! I had a friend that had a tooth sprout out of the roof of his mouth when he was about 30 years old and had to have it surgically removed so it is very possible that it is a tooth coming out from your gum area! You better go get an x-ray to ascertain with a degree of certainty what the cause is! Good luck!

I have that on my upper right area...just opposite yours but like yours, under the gum and just adjacent to where the wisdom tooth was. Had my wisdom teeth pulled MANY years ago...yup, most likely from that extraction.

It worried me when I first noticed it. I thought, what the hey is this? Tooth growing out the side or something?!!

But the human body is a remarkable piece of engineering. This is one thing that I just decided to live with. So far, so good.

Just try not to irritate it by touching, poking scratching, etc...

You can get an X-ray or ask your doctor, sure. But I'm glad you're doing a little research on your own and asking some q's b4 you shell out $. Too many people just do whatever doc recommends, no thinking, no research. And they pay ... sometimes more than just $.

Oh...finally...I should mentioned I don't have any pain there. If you're having pain, then disregard all my notes!

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