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What is the best thing for a toothache?
It hurts so bad.

Tom Cat
Short term - the suggestions put forth by the other replies and perhaps a small dose of Brandy. Long term - see a dentist. Your general health is closely tied to your dental health so do not ignore it.

See a dentist, or place an aspirin on the affected tooth and let it dissolve, or oral gel. Get to the dentist and take care of it or it will continue to hurt.

brandon's mommy
oh sweetie, have i ever been in your shoes! take it from someone who has had numerous fillings, root canals, etc..
Take the STRONGEST pain medication that you have.. especially ibuprofen, at least 800 mg, plus if you have some midol or Pampren PMS, take a couple of those. Truly, you will need mega doses of ibuprofen, if you can take them. Try 1600 mg (2 prescription strengths, if you have some). Then get to the dentist as soon as possible.. hopefully you can catch the cavity before it gets deep, if it is a cavity/decay. good luck. (I feel for you! Just try to knock yourself to sleep until you can get some good stuff from dentist).

go get some wax to block the air.

Dr who
Try oil of cloves,it may be hard to find,but call the drug stores and see it they carry it.

In addition to using the pain medication of your choice, sleep on an extra pillow to elevate your head. Sleep on the side that does NOT have a toothache. If that doesn't work, you can move to a recliner or the sofa so you can keep your head really elevated. This will minimize the blood flow to the area and therefore minimize the throbbing and pain. This might help you make it through the night until you can see a dentist.

mike L
get it fixed otherwise your in for a long night. lol :) aspirin and bite on it, ambasole,ice on your cheek ,puled or root channel

advil is best

chris w
Aarrrgh! drink a bottle of rum lassie it will feel much betterAarrrgh!

ice pack and advil

mini a
go visit a dentist buddy....

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