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Morana S
What is a temporary fix for a loose tooth?
My mom has a very loose tooth in the front of her mouth and she wants to know if there is something that she can do to keep it in place until she can get in to see a denist.

Anbesol or Oragel

Wrap bubble gum around it?

Don't wiggle it or chew with it

Tim P
There is really nothing one can do to fix loose tooth, if painful one can use clove oil to assist in reducing the pain

Dionysos Pint
Caulk. Fill your mouth with caulk.

peaches c
you can get it surgically reamoved and then get a fake one
or you can pull it out and hope a new one will grow in

1 dollar,

A retainer will hold the tooth in place until a dentist looks at it. Depending on what loosened the tooth in the first place, sometimes a tooth can tighten back up again. Be careful while eating and avoid hard foods and/or gummy/sticky candies. Try not to wiggle the tooth and for the most part leave it alone.

There is no remedy for a loose adult tooth, other than having it removed. Usually the reason an adult tooth is loose is because there is very little bone support around it. Your mom needs to get into a dentist as soon as possible and have it removed. She can have a flipper made to replace the tooth or a partial denture, but at this point that tooth is beyond repair.
If the tooth were just slightly mobile the dentist could make a splint, bonding that tooth to the adjacent tooth/teeth,in hopes of buying your mom a little time, but as an end result, would also cause more problems for the adjacent teeth eventually.

i was going to say pull it out, but since she's an adult, that might not be a good idea. lol. ummm, not sure what you can do, just try not to eat anything hard, until she can see the dentist.

Kanesha J
eventually it'll come out

If the tooth just loosened on it's own then she has GUM DISEASE(BAD) there's nothing she can do. Eventually the all will loosen and fall out.

Donna M

If it's loose nothing is gonna keep it in place, the dentist will probably remove it....

Use back teeth to chew if necessary; stick to soft food until you get help. Use Orajel or another topical numbing agent to ease the pain. You can try a small, wet piece of cotton coated with this stuff to stabilize it. Take a sleeping aid cause it will keep you awake. GO TO DENTIST ASAP! It only gets worse with time. Take an NSAID for pain.

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