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Additional Details
its the 2 sharp ones on the bottom row ( idk much about teeth)...

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I am 15 and nearly all of my teeth are spaced out (top and bottom rows), specifically between my 2 front teeth (about 3mm). I used teeth effects band for a while but they didn't work at all. The ...

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Hey ,

I don't know what type of tooth brush i own right now ..its just a regular one .. I don't know if its soft , medium or hard !! lol .. I need a new one though .. What type ...

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 Bad Breath problems?
i have a funny taste in my mouth all the time,ive asked my mum if i had bad breath and she said i did,i went to the dentist and ive had my teeth cleaned and the problem is stil there.Can you get bad ...

 What's th best way to kill bacteria...?
that causes cavities to be deepened? as in like if a cavity becomes too deep, it may need a root canal because it was exposed to bacteria. how do u kill that bacteria which got exposed to a tooth?????...

 Does it hurt to get braces on and off?

Additional Details
i'm going for an appointment on wednsday to see when i get them i'm sure i'm gonna get them cuz my teeth r really crooked.i am already off school so ...

 I feel so very grateful to my dentist, how do I re pay him?
I went to my new dentist not because I had toothache but more through vanity, my crown was getting loose. My crown was fixed but while i was sat in the chair I asked for a full exsamination. I heard ...

What is a good mouthwash for effectivness and fresh breath?
I currently use listerene but i've heard mixed things...that it has alcohol and that dries out your mouth and is bad for you, but others love it. Just looking for suggestions on the best mouthwash, and tips to whiten teeth!

i use listerine too...use the original kind without any flavor...it kinda tastes nasty, but it actually gives me fresher breath than the flavored kinds. I dont think listerine is bad for you...Crest mouthwash does not leave a very crisp or clean feeling in my mouth, and it doesn't leave me with very fresh breath...if youre really that worried about it, use listerine just once a day, or only when you go away. I'd stick with listerine...it burns the germs away. Crest just seems to cover them up....

Andy V
The best is chlorofill derived from nature,
and available in
health food stores.
1 part chorophill+20 part of water blend -even cost less than listerin, and totally harmless, you may drink it, and it may save life if consumed after an exident with tremendous loss of blood.

Angel Marie
Crest pro health is pretty good

SCOPE is great to use also but listerene doesnt have the things you have been hearing about

Stick with Listerine, the best!

Crest has an alcohol free rinse that is effective killing germs and helps with whitening. Its not harsh as listerine, but listerine is still the best. Your best defense in the war against bad breath is brush after breakfast, lunch (if you can) and dinner. Old food that gets stuck in between the teeth is the big culprit...so brush and floss often. If you want to use a mouthwash, twice a day, after breakfast and bed time.



def. crest whitening rinse

corsodyl is very good and keeps infections at bay but dont think it does anything to whiten your teeth. you need a whitening toothpaste for that or a procedure at the dentist which I think is quite painful

Sarah C
use bicarbinated soda on a toothbrush to naturally whiten teeth and for breath freshener try dental ph you can see the nasty stuff in the sink afer use

Listerene and Crest Pro Health. These can be found in almost any stores near you.

Good luck with your choice!


Mouthwash such as Astring Osol are good bet but before you use them see to it you use dental floss and tongue cleaner everyday . Hard brushing is a no- no These makes the difference in mouth cleaning .

Toothpaste that contains baking soda and hydrogen peroxide whitens teeth but use them sparingly and twice a week only .

Listerine...its really strong and it gives you really good breath. It also keeps your mouth fresh all day. I use it and it doesn't give me any problems.

Psychologist In The House
listerine is good and a dentist once told me its not the toothpaste that u need be concerned it is the fact of the floride in the paste so i think crest pro health is tasteful and leaves a fresh feeling

Why, Scope is the better choice my friend!

Scope! It's the right choice!

Listerine. or Breath Rx. But Listerine is cheaper. Breath Rx cost almost 15 dollars or so. They both work the same. Buy listerine. I us it 2x a day. My breath never stinks. OH! or you can use Cepecoal. Its heka hard to find. I use to use it but i cant find it anymore. But if you can that is the best stuff in town. It is yellow in color and comes in a giant bottle.

Tom's of Maine.It's all natural.No alcohol.MMMMM!!

Buy some ginger root chew it until it is gone it kills everything and is good for the digestive track. It takes a little getting use to but it is natural and won't hurt you. Ginger is also good for pain in place of pain killers. I chew it 2 to 3 time a day. It smells pleasant.
Good Question

The thing about the alcohol is that it kills the GOOD bacteria along with the BAD. To be honest, for fresh breath, you just have to brush, floss, and scrape your tongue after every meal.

Brush your teeth more regularly and then use your Listerine anticeptic mouth wash (or other). Having Listerine strips with you can be useful when you know you'll be in close proximity to others.

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