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What illegal drugs make your teeth rot out? Does it happen rather quickly or gradually?

I know Meth will do that.


I know for sure that crack makes your teeth rot and it happens quite fast!..And Acid!

daniel p
From my experiences with family members on drugs its only the drugs you smoke, not pot, but meth and cocaine when smoked will start rotting your teeth on contact and if you keep doing it they'll be gone within a year or two

I think its cocaine, heroin or crack. Maybe all three. I'm not sure how long it takes.

I guess I shouldn't have answered this question since I wasn't helpful

weed really does a number so does heroin. Depends on the usage as far as the time period.

Meth (crystal) crack, those are the ones that I know about and I think it also depends on how well you take care of your teeth. I know a crack head who has been a crack head for at least 20 years and his teeth are good but I also know a one that has been one for two years and his teeth are nasty. I also know a woman that used meth for about 2 years and her teeth are fine but those that are alright take care of there teeth.

Meth or crack. Happens pretty quickly. That is what they call "meth mouth" because it is pretty characteristic of meth users.

Meth will do it to you!!!

Crack cocaine makes your teeth rot out really fast .In a time frame of about 6 months.

Crack (rock cocaine) and Crank (bootleg methamphetamine). faster than you can imagine. noticeable in a few months of heavy usage.

AsianPersuasion :)
Crack, rather quickly from what I have seen.

crack my moms did


cocaine does. but many LEGAL things do also, smoking, drinking, not brushing, etc.

tooth rot is actually a gradual happening, but once your teeth are gone, you kind of say ,, "When the heck did THIS happen?"

lainey lain
Cocaine and heroin. happens gradually. Probably others to so be drug free. Peace!

From what I've read and seen on TV...crack smoked through a pipe will rot the front teeth rather quickly. That's the only one I'm familiar w/ (and not because I'm a crack head) LOL...anyone totally addicted to drugs w/ stop caring about oral hygiene (hygiene altogether) and teeth will rot.

Stay away from Flouride, that will mess you up!

None that I know of, but dopers generally let their hygiene slip and eat junk food, so it would be a slow process.

I think you talking about dipping tobacco but its not a drug.

meth, but it's fairly gradual and if you brush your teeth after each use, you can greatly reduce the odds of looking like a crack head.

Crystal meth....yes quite quickly...within the year of using

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