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What happens if you swallow a tooth or a chip of it?
I recently chipped a tooth and remember crunching on it and realizing later what it was, I didnt get it fixed, a year later I was eating again and a biggerchunk fell out and I think I've swallowed it. Anyway, now my heart beat is irregular, or is that just anxiety?

It won't hurt you.

The tooth doesn't have anything to do with you heart beating irregular. Your tooth will pass through. If heart is beating irregular you should go to see your doctor and have him or her take a listen , there could be a diffrent problem.

Mrs Brush
The tooth is not related to having an irregular heartbeat unless you have gotten an infection where the tooth piece fell out. Having cavities or open places is known to have effects on your heart because of infection.
Anytime you have an irregular heartbeat for a sustained amount of time it is important to speak with your doctor about it.

Swallowing a tooth wont hurt you. It will either dissolve in your stomach or it will pass through you. Kids swallow their loose baby teeth a lot.

Tis just anxiety! Usually if someone swallows a crown or a foreign substance we will recommend having an xray taken to make sure the patient has not aspirated a lung,(not probable but remotely possible) in your case, it is the bodies own substance and really won't do you any other harm than a missing tooth and possibly a toothache, get that tooth fixed or extracted, I would be more concerned with infection in the tooth and your face swelling or worse. Infection left long term is not a good thing.

Anxiety, it will come out in your stools because your body will not dissolve it. Go and get your teeth fixed because tooth decay can create bigger problems in your body, your breathe and in your smile.

I couldn't tell you if your irregular heartbeat is due to anxiety. Only your medical doctor could diagnose the cause of that. As far as your swallowing the part of tooth... nothing should happen to you. It will pass through your digestive system and come out "in the wash". I would recommend that you see your dentist immediately to find out why your tooth is breaking apart and have it treated. Dental problems, especially gum problems, can cause heart problems. And most people are not aware that oral cancer is the 6th most common form of cancer in the US. See your dentist regularly to prevent major dental and health problems.

It's probably just anxiety. Didn't you ever swallow a tooth when you're baby teeth came loose? Kids to it all the time. Don't worry, the tooth will just get digested and all will be fine. However, if your teeth are falling apart like that, I'd suggest you see a dentist.

Its just anxiety. It'll pass through your body just like a piece of food. Not to worry too much.

I believe it is just anxiety.

the heartbeat has got nothing to do with what you swallowed .. chill .. it would be anxiety ... but do get your heartbeat checked .. if the usual 'Lub dub' is not there of the heart ... and get your teeth checked ... teeth getting chipped shows some pathology like caries or pulp infection or necrosis .. get it checked .. chils


you just poop it out later, the heart thing is something else

Jennifer J
Your probably just worrying yourself too much since you swallowed it. Imagine if you were eating chicken or fish and you accidentally swallowed a bone. Though nerve racking, eventually it will pass (pardon the pun).

no harm its just ur nerves that are making that happen!
heck my friend swallowed her filling thing!!! nuttin happened so nothing will happen with ur tooth

that is anxiety but you shoud go get the tooth fixed to ensure yourself from having any further problems.

Even if you swallowed a whole tooth, it wouldn't change anything except that you have one less tooth. Kids swallow teeth and their fine. It just passes through your system. No harm.

You should go to your doctor to get your heart checked out though. You don't want to mess around when your heart doesn't feel normal.

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