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What happens if you paint your teeth white with nail polish?
My cousin always does this, and her teeth are really white.
Is this bad for you?

Tony Taglilucci
If your cousin is still breathing God's sweet air I doubt she actually did this. You can cut corners with alot of things. THIS AIN'T ONE OF 'EM. Damn those Whitening Strips (they do work...over time)go find you a dentist & make REGULAR visits. Nail polish....Lord help your children across the river....

You shouldn't put nail polish if your mouth.

There are whiteners that come in a bottle and you apply it with a brush similar to nail polish. The difference is, it is a whitener!

If you want white teeth and can't afford to do it at the dentist then try the Listerine white strips that dissolve. They do work, my dentist was surprised when I was there last visit and wanted to know what I used.

Lick it and Stick it
thats disgusting tell your cousin to go to the dentist and brush her teeth if she wants them white

Scotland Zeghost

Tamara B
Yeah, its bad for you! hello that **** has chemicals in it that aren't meant to even be near your mouth.

Jillian C
yes its bad they stink and you might get really sick if you get it in your mouth

Layne T
your head explodes obviously...

Kimbo Lost
its not ment for teeth

In a word - YES! They would look ridiculous. Your cousin may say they do that, but have you ever seen them do it?

OMG! that is so crazy to do, the polish I am sure is toxic especially in your MOUTH! How old is your cousin? Probably really young I am thinking. Please tell her that it is toxic and that she should just brush regularly and floss. She can use teeth whiting tooth paste, tooth gel strips, whiting mouth wash, and whiting laser treatment, teeth cleaning and polishing treatments, over night whiting treatments (over the counter) heck most of these are over the counter, meaning you can buy them at the drug store (Wal Mart) for cheap or go to a low income dentist if you don't have insurance and want to whiter your teeth without dying poison by painting your teeth with finger nail polish. Good Luck and please call, stop over there, mail a email, a letter or something to your cousin and stop this madness before something terrible happens.

I can't imagine that it would be good for your teeth, and besides, it would get chipped off quickly by any food coming into contact with it.

I'd invest in some Whitestrips instead.

vanilla faceee
the your teeth will fall out and rot, and acidic and u will be posened and....................... DIE

..... maybe =] x

Jenna K
im sorry sweetie, btu she lies, if you think about it logically your teeth are wet nail polish would neevr stick or dry.
buy teeth whitening strips they work amazingly and is safe !
good luck hun <3

Rachel S
I would think so nail polish has lots of chemicals in it....I mean think about it to get it off your nails you have to use another different chemical .........your not even supposed to swallow tooth paste for heavens sake

I have never heard of that before but nail polish stinks so bad how could you have that in your mouth?

Golden Sparrow
it tastes aweful.

Go and see the dentist for white teeth.

It cant be good for you at all. Breathing in the fumes so much more to it peeling. You would swallow some without a doubt. Yuck! Tell you cousin to stop.

Josh S
what do you think? This has to be the most idiotic thing I have ever heard a person do to get their teeth white!

hopelessly out of love
....is that even safe...(?!)

Dragon Queen
you'll die of poisoning.

Don P.

Sorry.. but that's funny as can be.

Honey it has to be bad for you. Use common sense.

Would you spray yourself with oil based brown paint to get a tan?

Those white strips at the drug store arent that much, and they are safe.

Tell your cuz, she is going to poison herself.

Whatever you do, do not do this technique. My friend once did this before the grand ball, and on the way there, a bear mauled him. Doctors said the bear probably saw a glare off of my friend's blinding white teeth, and thought it was an enemy bear.

Tall your cousin to be on the lookout for bears. If she sees one, tell her NOT TO SMILE.

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