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take to make it go away?

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 Wisdom Tooth?
Its the last tooth at the Very back of my Lower Left
It Has Like A Hole In It And Very Sharp At the Edges
Can It Be Saved ?...

What happens if you fall asleep with gum in your mouth?

swallow it.

Dark R
Nothing serious; that happened to me a number of times :P

When you wake up in the morning, the gum isn't sticky and elastic anymore. And has a terrible taste :P

You would swallow it in your sleep and it could get stuck in your throat and you could wake up, choking!

Well it depends on the type of gum you are eating.
When you are eating a certain type of dental gum the next day it like DISSOLVES that's what happened with me once.
If you are chewing a sugary gum acid builds up on your teeth making plaque which if it gets untreated it results to cavities
So if i were you i would only eat sugar free gums or dental gums which are much nicer than sugary gums.P.S:Don't sleep with gum in your mouth except the fact you might cause plaque, you might choke or get stuck in your hair!

YOU'RE AT RISK OF ASPIRATION.. FOOD MAY GO IN YOUR LUNGS & CAUSE DEATH. that's why unconscious people & debilitated is turned lateral position (sideways) to prevent this from happening

Nothing happens really. Ive tried it out (by mistake that is). It only turns hard to chew the next day. Thats all. Its completely harmless even if swallowed by mistake( my friend did that to win a bet). Harmless only if swallowed in small quantity was the result from a study as per a magazine i read.

It stays in place...TRUST ME! ; P

LOL at first I thought the question said what happens if you fall asleep with a gun in your mouth? haha.

I supose you could choke.

Couple of possibilities:
1. It just sits between your teeth and cheek, under your tongue or any number of places (many of which have happened to me several times) and nothing happens.
2. You swallow it as it falls to the back of your throat and since swallowing is predominantly an involuntary reflex you might swallow it and never know!
3. Or you might swallow it and momentarily wake up feeling like you just swallowed a piece of ice unexpectedly with maybe a little gag reflex and then it's all over in a matter of seconds.

You won't be blowing throat bubbles like those certain frogs that's for sure. :)

Aside from future cavities in your teeth....you get really bad breath...the saliva sticks to the gum and well, it just spoils overnight...eeeewwww...your better off eating mentos hahahaha..

The Naked Chef â„¢
well your mouth won't glue shut, if that's what your worried about!

It can drop out and get in your hair also you may choke on it.

There is a chance you might choke on it in the middle of the night... or it might fall and get all over the place.

Ever see those kids with shaved eyebrow stripes =)


either shallow it or the gum falls out and gets stuck in ur hair.

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