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Horace Mustard
What happens if you eat toothpaste?

Minty fresh breath and a possible stomach ache! ha ha

Its Pretty Harmful Tbh...
In Large Amounts Anywayy..

john i
You won`t get plaque in your bum!

it goes down into your stomach where you digest it

Actually, it depends on whether the toothpaste has fluoride in it or not. Toothpaste can give you a fever if you eat it, (please don't tell my son this, he'll try to use it to miss school). Plus, if you ingest too much fluoride it CAN kill you. I know this because my son was taking fluoride pills and his doctor told me to make sure he didn't swallow too much toothpaste or this could happen. So I guess it depends on what kind of toothpaste you are eating.

Nothing would happen to you, but don't make a habit of it as it contains flouride and too much consumption may be bad for you. But every once in a while wont hurt-plus your breath will smell minty fresh!

yur gona a croak it asta la vista baby!

ugh, I dunno. I dont think too much. ??? I guess it would depend on how much you wanted to eat.

Dee S
Actually, it is harmful. A tube of toothpaste is enough to kill a child.

youll die for sure

your breath will smell good.

nothing... i dont think..X
ma lil bro dose it all the time lol

Nothing much. Youll survive but I dont recommend it as a new food group or anything.

Le Flan
You turn into a sausage.

Happened to my cousin, Sausage-boy.

Toothpaste is mainly magnesium and calcium carbonate crystals which abrade the teeth. In the stomach they would dissolve in the acid and be absorbed. It might not be good to have tube after tube of it but the odd bit will be no problem. The detergent which causes it to foam could make you a bit loose in the stool. Minty pooh!

nothing just dont have it for a whole meal.

It is NOT harmless. Fluoride is actually toxic, which is why when you go to the dentist to get a fluoride rinse, they make you spit it out and rinse you mouth (they also tell you not to eat for an hour). That's also why your toothpaste says if you eat a bunch call Poison Control. There's this disease where your mouth rots when you've come in contact with too much. Srsly.
Have you ever heard of the Fluoride Conspiracy? Look it up.

Depends on how much you eat? A tiny bit does not hurt, but a lot can make you very very sick.

Baby no.2 Sydney due anytime now
Nothing more then a possible tummy ache..

When you next go for a poo you will have a "ring of confidence!".

nothing really

you will do stripey pooh depenent on tooth paste brand.

It can give you a really bad stomach ache and sometimes diarreha. The little girls I watch (I'm a Nanny) have done it on a few occassions, plus I did it like twice when I was a kid. I wouldn't suggest it though considering the diarreha wouldn't be fun. lol.

Bakersfield Blogger

nothing, may upset your stomach

Your poo smells minty!!!

Billy 2
the fluoride makes you a retard I think. But only if you had HUGE amount of it.

Acutally, toothpaste if toxic. It is ok to swallow some, of course, but Do NOT ingest in mass quanity. It gives you tum tum aches

if you eat too much you can get fluoride damage to your teeth, that's why we always get told to spit it out (i think!)

It is not harmful - it would be pointless if it was!

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