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What food and drink is bad for your teeth?
My teeth are yellow and very sensitive. I eat alot of chocolate throughout the day. What is it thats really bad for your teeth and is their any food / drink good for it.

Put the chocolate down and go to the dentist. Just leave the sugar alone all together

isn't everything bad for you?

coke is real bad for the teeth.

That Ribena that was supposed to be kind to teeth. I heard from someone that it was actually worse.

Milks good for teeth too?

sugar and sugary drinks are bad- check the sugar quantity in your food and switch to diet pop rather than normal cola.

Milk or calcium tablets could be good for teeth, also a fluoride tablet if you are in an area where the water isn't fluoridated.

Have frequent dental check-ups, maybe the sensitivity is due to you needing a filling. You could get a scale and polish.

Try and avoid coffee and red wine as these stain the teeth.

You could also try a sensitive toothpaste.

Brushing with bicarbonate of soda whitens teeth- although the Romans relied on brushing with urine!


Big Boss Matthias Dannflor
Avoid sweets and fatty foods, chocolate included. Good foods include fruits,vegetables, and dairy products(it's still best to brush your teeth even if you eat the good foods.

Sugar,coffee, smoking are bad for your teeth. Brush regular with quality toothpaste and having dental check-ups and cleaning.Anything with calcium will strengthen the teeth enamel. Dairy products is the best food for it.

anything with sugar in it

nervous nelly
Foods that contain alot of sugar.

spinach and dog poo

The worst one-two punch you can give your teeth is sugar + acid, like in sodas. The sugar is bad enough. If your teeth have been checked recently, and have no problems, try a tooth whitening and sensitive tooth product like Sensodyne whitening. If you haven't been to a dentist, get there now. Try substituting water for soda. If you must have that chocolate, brush immediately or at least rinse your mouth until no more chocolate is present, and brush as soon as you can.

Fizzy sugary drinks for decay and coffee and cigarettes for colouring are not good.

Don Quijote de la Mancha
Hard candy, such as jaw breakers and jordon almonds, and chewing on ice cubes, all are very bad for teeth.

Another Guy
If you eat a lot of foods that are sticky (like chocolate), then you will have future cavities, unless you brush your teeth every time you eat a piece of chocolate. If you smoke, your teeth will be more yellow than a person who does not smoke. There are several toothpastes which, used three times daily, will whiten your teeth within a month. Try one of the whitening toothpastes, like the one I use, Crest Whitening Expressions Cinnamon Rush, it's good. I brush my teeth for three minutes every time, and have a clock by the sink in the bathroom, which I watch for the whole three minutes, then I gargle Listerine for a whole minute, watching the clock and wishing the minute would go by really fast. You will notice an improvement with whitening toothpaste and Listerine (it comes in many flavors).
Another consumable not good for your teeth or your body is any carbonated drink, especially the ones with High-fructose Corn Syrup (like Coca-Cola products or Pepsi products). Not only does the carbonation in the drink hurt your teeth by eating at the enamel layer, but your body stores the high-fructose corn syrup as fat, where normally your body can quickly burn up a little bit of sugar without making you gain significant weight. I lost 50 pounds by staying away from Coke and Pepsi and brewing my own Sweet Tea at home with real SUGAR when I wanted something sweet to drink (it really does work). One tea bag brought to a boil in water, then poured while hot into a 2-quart pitcher that already has about 1/2 cup sugar in the bottom. Stir it and let it sit to cool, it's better than soda anyday! (Tea does yellow your teeth, ask anybody that wears dentures like my grandmother did, tea and coffee are the worst).
If your teeth are sensitive to heat and cold, you may want to start using a flouride mouth rinse instead of the Listerine. Flouride coats your teeth and helps protect them while they rebuild the enamel layer depleted by all of the bad stuff we eat.
Don't forget to floss! 10 minutes a day to work on my teeth actually helps me feel better about smiling in public (I used to hate to show my teeth)! Hope this helps.

drinking loads of teas, coffees and sugary soda will turn those ugly teeth yellow.

if you're a yuckmouth - try to go to a dentist and have him make molds of your teeth and bleach them, but only do it once it lasts years... don't continually do it like some morons.

If you have a bag if sweets its better to eat them all in one go than eat them through out the day. Its the frequency not the quantity. If you eat say on every 15 Min's, acid attacks your teeth. Even fruit has natural sugar its not as bad as eating sweety things. You should try to chew sugar free gum after you eat. Things like crisps wouldn't be as bad for your teeth. Alot of food has hidden sugars like tomato soup and tomato ketchup is loaded with sugar.
Hope this helps.

Andrew O
As you have noticed, chocolate is very bad for the teeth as well as cirgerate. Apart from colouration of the teeth, chocolate and cirgerate encourage the tooth decay.

anything sweet...

stuff that's really sugary. i think milk is good 'cause of the calcium and protein. and don't forget to brusha brusha brusha!!

robert r
Anything with sugar!!!! Or starch!!!!!!!

Researchers are now finding that Gatorade is VERY bad for teeth's enamel.

First off yeah i must agree GO TO THE DENTIST!!!!! second cut down on chocolate and or soda if you drink any. Try drinking more water than anything and do not eat too much junk w/ tons of sugar NOT GOOD. For sensitivity try sensodine toothpaste and brush and floss daily, if you continue your bad habits you can kiss your teeth GOODBYE!!!

All food and drink can cause problems. (Especially if you don't brush and floss).
Try brushing with a Phillips Sonicare.
It's the plaque and gum shrinkage that causes problems as well as scrubbing at your teeth. The gums recede. Ouch!
Try a sensitive toothpaste. Even supermarkets do their own brands, which are not as pricey as Sensodyne, for example.

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