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Prodigal Son Stuck In 1984
What exactly does Listerine do?
My mouth certainly always feels fresh and clean,
But my tongue is always burnt after using that stuff!

Thank you so much for your help :)

cleans and freshens your breath

it contains chlorhexidine which removes the plaque on your teeth (plaque- when accumulates is resposible to form cavities)& it kills bacteria(antibacteriall). so whenever you use listerine its better to dilute it with water in 1:1 ratio and use.we always suggest the same to our patients

Bunny D.
It kills the bacteria that causes gingivitis. It burns because there is alcohol in it. Yes, it is the alcohol that gets people drunk. No, I'm not recommending you to drink it =)

martin fantuzio
its has an agent whitch removes plaque which causes tooth decay

Valley R
it burns odor causing bacteria away.

The Doctor Regenerated
It's an antiseptic. It doesn't like septics.

♥ Beaver Diva Sue ♥
Suppose to kill all the bacteria etc not removed by brushing alone....I use Listerine Total and yes it burns my tongue to !!

It's pretty much alcohol so that's why your tongue burns. I really like it because it get's rid of all my bad breath.

It's the alcohol that's burning ya :]
They put alcohol in most mouthwashes because it kills bacteria quickly.

Toni Angel
It kills and disinfects the mouth of all those nasty germs that eat away at your teeth. Ya, it does tend to burn, but you sure know it's working when you do it. :D You're welcome.

drewy monster
thankyou so much for this question, it burns the bad bugs away.. again peace and love to you

Maria S
kills bacteria

♥LiL~Miss~Sunshine With~A~Twist♥
it freshens your breath...
taste good...
hahah and fights bacteria...

♪LoveInHerEyes &FlowersInHerHair
Used twice daily, cool citrus listerine provides 24 hour protection against plaque and lasting fresh breath confidence.Cool citrus listerine is clinically proven to prevent and reduce plaque, a major cause of gum disease.Kill bacteria between teeth.

Arwen the Original.
Apart from blistering the inside of the users mouth? Nothing, good evening.

watch the advert

Nebula D
I'm a dentist.

In short, Listerine does have some antimicrobial properties.

Just as important, though, is that it tends to dry your mouth, which causes your breath to become worse 10 minutes after you use it.

John L
It kills bacteria

it burns the bacteria awayyyyyy :)

Was told it may burn if you really went to town, brushing your tastebuds. The suspects are alcohol and sodium chloride, which after you've brushed your teeth (and tongue), makes the tongue - and even gums over-sensitive.

It burns like heck.

lucky s,
Hi I don't use Listerine so I don't know how it works.

Fresh breath , good dental hygiene

The same as toothpaste, it kills bacteria and germs in your mouth!

London Lady
its the acid in the listerine that does that it messes with our natural pH balance which is 7.5. in effect it kills the bacteria on our tongue and leaves us minty fresh!

Stephen Fry
The active ingredients listed on Listerine bottles are menthol, thymol, methyl salicylate, and eucalyptol. Ethanol is present in concentrations of 21.6% in the flavored product and 26.9% in the original gold Listerine Antiseptic. Thymol is an antiseptic, methyl salicylate is a cleaning agent, and menthol is a local anesthetic. At this concentration, the ethanol serves to dissolve the active ingredients. All the ingrediants will burn the mouth,
Listerine was invented in the 19th century as a powerful surgical antiseptic. It was later sold, in a distilled form, as a floor cleaner and a cure for gonorrhea. But it wasn't a runaway success until the 1920s, when it was pitched as a solution for "chronic halitosis", the faux medical term that the Listerine advertising group created in 1921 to describe bad breath. By naming and thus creating a medical condition for which consumers now felt they needed a cure, Listerine created a market for their mouthwash. Until that time, bad breath was not conventionally considered a catastrophe, but Listerine's ad campaign changed that. As the advertising scholar James B. Twitchell writes, "Listerine did not make mouthwash as much as it made halitosis."

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