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Suzanne B
What does it mean when your tooth turns black?

quick.....run.....to the lollie jar.

Lana L
It's dying and needs to be removed asap, it can poison your body and make you very ill. More than likely very thin too.

its probably getting rotten. see a dentist please.

don't listen to some of the dumbass answers. when a tooth is attacked by tooth decay it will turn black as the decay advances.

tooth decay is caused by bacteria that live in our mouth. these bacteria feed on food debris that is left on our teeth if we don't brush after we eat.

as the bacteria eat the food debris they generate a waste product. unfortunately the bacteria poo is acidic and eats away the tooth layer by layer.

there will probably be little or no pain as the acid dissolves the first two layers of tooth. but as the decay advances it enters the pulp region of the tooth where the nerves of the tooth are located. when this happens you will get a toothache. if the tooth gets infected this is called an abcess and the pain is a mother.

if your tooth is turning black it means that the acid has probably already done a number on the tooth and it probably can't be saved. you need to see a dentist immediately.

in the future you may want to eat less sweets and brush often--at least twice a day. best of luck to you!

It means that the tooth is dead or it is a bad cavity.
See a dentist ASAP.

It has died and gone rotten. The nerve is no-longer inside the tooth.

The roots are dead and your tooth needs to be pulled. See your dentist

It means it's time to go to the dentist. Either there is a severe cavity or root problems. DO NOT LEAVE IT - get it checked out!!!!

The roots in the tooth are dead, you may need to have a root canal. See your dentist.

Sounds like a bad cavity. Go to the dentist.

means you need a dentist like now!

The Q&A Times - Tooth discoloration
...within the pulp of a tooth can rupture, the blood cells enter the dentinal tubules and over time, as blood degenerates and turns black, the...


have u been smokin on sumthin?! get it cheked b4 all ur teeth get like that!

Herb Pichon
Uh...you have a cavity, and the cavity is expanding to other teeth. Pull it out NOW before all your teeth fall out.

go to the dentist

Black!!!?? You should get that checked before asking anyone on the internet!

mia chick
BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????? GO 2 A DENTIST FAST

Mickey Fangirl

You know you're a redneck when...

its dead

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