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 Teeth(and them falling out)?
i dont eat alot of sweets or drink alot of pop and i have got 4 teeth missing and anothers wobbly i am 11 and i need to know y my mam thinks i have recked my teeth
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 What is the best way to whiten teeth? To do it professionally costs thousands, and even a home kit costs a lot
wondering if anyone has any home remedies? Thanks....

 Would you partake in a tipple this evening if you had a dentist appointment at 9.10 am tomorrow morning?

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lol Lucky man,good attitude!...

 Why does my husband get lots of mouth ulcers???
Everytime my husband bites the inside of his mouth, he gets a big disgusting looking ulcer. Sometimes he will have 3 or 4 at any one time. What would be causing these ulcers? and does anybody have ...

 Getting my wisdom teeth removed and im really rreally scared?
anyone who has had them removed... does it hurt?? im so freaked out about it :(...

 What is the best home remedy for a toothache?
I cracked an old filling and the pain is so bad that I am finding it hard to sleep at night. I am pregnant so the only OTC meds I can take is Tylenol and it is just not cutting the pain. Any ...

 Will mouthwash help a canker sore?
I bit my tong with the edge of my molar and it cut it. Now I have a canker sore and have had it for about 5 days. Will mouthwash help it?...

 I am gettin braces on july 8 what 2 colors should i get, it is for my top?!?
i need 2 pretty colors for my top braces that i am getting on jully the 8th !!! i have no idea what 2 colors i should get!!!...

 Can dogs get their teeth cleaned without being put under?
my vet says no but why can't they just tranquilize her? She's 7. what will happen if I don't get her teeth cleaned? Jus wondering if it's worth the risk
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 How Much Do Braces Cost If You are poor?????
If you are poor like me, how much can braces cost?...

 Do your gums bleed?

 Does it hurt when the dentists pull out your teeth?

 Which is the best drug for tooth infection?

 Hello again! i need some advice. Got mega infection in my tooth/gums still and dentist fobbed me off with?
amoxycillin and that was it, hospitals wont help me, been told to go to a and e till im seen, or go back to dentist. Doctor refuses to see me. Infection getting worse by the minute, face entirely ...

 Why do people let their cats roam free outside. I find this irresponsible and dangerous.?

 I had a tooth extracted yesterday and was up all night in pain - is this normal?
had a tooth out yesterday- have had pain for 6 months and it had an abcess attached when taken out- i have been awake all night in pain and the tooth nextto the extracted one i cannot touch as it is ...

 How to remove those plague on my teeth?

 Has anyone ever gotten thier wisdom teeth pulled?
i just got mine pulled today. im 16. the dentist gave me some vicoden but its not really working and it just made me throw up all the food that i ate today wich wasnt much other than some jello or ...

What does it mean when the Dentist says numbers?
When the dentist is looking at your teeth and spouting out numbers, what do they mean?

Numbers from the dentist mouth is usually tooth numbers 1 thur 32 if your wisdom teeth are present. If the hygienist is spouting numbers it is usually periodontal charting, which is the mm's your gums are attached to your teeth. Since you said the dentist I would assume he is making notes of your cavities for future fillings, most dentist will also state surfaces along with the numbers, such as m,o,l which means mesial, occlusol,lingual, these are 3 of the 5 surfaces of each tooth. He would also say the numbers and make notes of any missing teeth using this method. Hope this helps.

He's reciting last nights countdown.

those are tooth numbers

It could mean a few different things. First, each tooth is commonly referred to by a corresponding number from 1 to 32, for instance your two front teeth on top are numbers 8 & 9. Otherwise they may have been taking probing measurements that measure the amount of space between your tooth and gum to help determine how healthy (or not healthy) your gums are. They would probably be reading a lot of numbers in this case, up to 6 numbers per tooth and would probably be between numbers 1 and 15, referring to millimeter measurements. They could also be talking about how mobile (wiggly or compressible) a tooth is or how deep a probe can get in between the roots of the teeth and that would be numbers 1 to 3. But if you don't have a major case of gum or bone disease (gingivitis or periodontist) than it would probably be tooth numbers or probings to check gum health. Hope that helps!
JAMRDH - a dental hygienist

i think its the tooth references. Ever since i was young ive found it hilarious which makes me look well imature every time i go to the dentist!

Russell P
Each tooth is represented by a number. Because teeth dont have individual names, and because some people may have more or less teeth than others, numbers are an easy way to acount for individual teeth in individual mouths.

It's a well known fact that all dentists are bingo fanatics!!

it's the number of the tooth

all your teeth have different numbers

Your teeth are all referenced by a number.

Calling them out is just establishing whether or not they are present or not - many people don't get their wisdom teeth for example.

Helen C
each tooth has a number

tha last don
your tooth number.

every tooth has each number

I think they call each tooth by a number - they have a chart/picture they use.

dave w
he's picking a number to multiply his normal fee by - mine seems to use 32 a lot!

The Original Highbury Gal
When the dentist calls out numbers he/she is charting the teeth in your mouth so his Nurse can record them on the paper chart or the computer.
This is so they know which teeth are present and which teeth require treatment!
They also Perio Chart, this is recording the pocket depths around the gums and numbers will also be called out for the nurse to record!

Its the position of the teel - so if he says Upper Right 4 - its the 4th from the top back right!

each tooth has a number 1-32 1,16,17,32 are wisdom teeth 2,15,18,31 are 2nd molars 3,14,19,30 are 1st molars 4,13,20,29 are 2nd premolars 5,12,21,28 are 1st premolars 6,11,22,27 are canines 7,10,23,26 are lateral incisors and 8,9,24,25 are central incisors or if he's probing then he'll say like 3 which would mean your gums are healthy or like 6 which means your teeth are mobile god why am I so smart

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