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What does it mean when mouthwash says that it should be kept away from children under 12?
Every mouthwash I find says on the back that it shouldn't be used by children under 12. Does that mean that its bad for me to use it [im 11] or are they just saying that for my safety because I might just swallow the thing?

Luke is Back once again!
i use mouth wash.... doesnt affect me!! :]

P.S Spread the word the Y!A user "Mystic Malcontent" is a total ***** and hates everyone on Y!A

They are saying it because they feel the need to say it for some reason.

Its because kids under 12 might swallow the mouthwash

u mon
i think its because they just want to say something

I think you seems to be a smart person, and being careful, its okay

Kids just have the tendency to swallow things. Therefore, the content of alcohol in mouthwash is too much for children that young if they were to swallow it.

But obviously your not just going to swallow it, I think you know that it is just to wash out your mouth.

But yah thats why

Hope this helps :)

well, if you are smart enough which i know you are, you'd never swallow mouthwash..they just simply say to keep it away to protect from children..

Emma S
I know why, It's Because they might think You will swallow it but yeah you can Use it. =)

Addicted to Y!A
That is exactly what it means. They feel there is the possibility that people younger than 12 may try to drink it not realizing that they shouldn't. It would be very bad for a small person to drink that stuff.

Also, there are ingredients in it that can burn your eyes, etc.. if you spill it and a young person may not know what to do in that case, too.

Mouthwashes though pretty safe should not be taken in(swallowed) cause they have a higher percentage of flouride(good for teeth-prevents cavities) and should not be swallowed because they can have systemic side effects.There are more chances of children swallowing the mouthwash and they have lower BMI so grater chance of toxicity.

gilbertt (;
welll they are just saying it for procaughtion, but im pretty sure that if you can come on yahoo answers.. then i think your capable of using mouthwash (:

TJ & AJ's Mum
I didn't think 11 year olds were allowed on here!
However I respect that you have asked a sensible question for an 11 year old and I agree with boy it's just incase you swallow it!

Murt Momain
It's because it is made of alcohol.
You have good grammar for an 11 year old so I think you can handle the mouth wash.
They just don't want you to swallow it. So don't. swallow it.

Cindy T
Because it probably has alcohol in it.

Due to the high amount of fluorine in it it can be poisonous...
Children under 12 are more likely to swallow the mouthwash hence ingesting the flourine

Christy SD Nurse
Mouth wash contains a very high percentage of alcohol. Younger children often do not understand the swish and swallow method, therefore increasing a chance of it being swallowed. If you are using the mouth wash as directed everything will be fine.

they are just saying it for safety reasons.
you can use it :]

I think it's because they might swallow it.

Call Me Val
It's a safety thing most likely.
But that's why there's mouthwash for kids now. =D

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