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 Rubber bands with braces?
I'm getting braces next week, and I really don't understand anything about the rubber bands. What's their purpose? Why do they hurt? Can you take them on and off, and if so, how often ...

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 Are braces really just a big scam?
Because some ppl say they are. (like my mom lol)


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 Getting Braces off in 3months...why this rubberband was put on today?
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 What is the proper way to brush your teeth?
Everyone says different things! I just want a good, proper answer!!
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Gav, I would normally do that now (the dentist moaned at me for not doing the back of my teeth as ...

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 Do people from england brush their teeth?
i know some do, but do most? ive seen alot of ppl from britan,
and their teeth are all yellow and spaced out or crooked. whats up?!?...

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I was told ...

 Is this healthy or am I wrong?
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 Have you ever asked a question?
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 Bad toothache?
My husband has a terrible toothache, he's in very bad pain. Face is swollen. Anything he can do tonight at home? He can't see a dentist until tomorrow....

 I have a hole in my tooth and need to no wat 2 do!?
i have had this hole for about 2 years this summer and its gettin bigger. Even though im not havin pain with it i need to no what to do b/c i have a really big phobia of dentists and theres no way i ...

 I am having braces what color is the best to chooses?

 Help?! I can't open my mouth very wide!?
A while ago my jaw started to act really weird. It started to snap every once in a while, when it does that it doesn't hurt but it makes me unable to open my mouth very wide. I can still eat but ...

Keel Over
What does it mean if you were born without wisdom teeth??

a babys mouth is not big enough to contain wisdom teeth. as you get older they will be your last teeth to develop, if ever

el duderino
i never will have them, b/c i'm more evolved than everybody else. Just more proof that i'm pretty awesome. just k/ding......

but i really never will have them.

It means ur normal I think everyone is born without wisdom teeth! Ur question however not so normal!

I've often wondered that,I never got mine either.Great question.

that youre normal

city girl
everyone is born w/out wisdom teeth! infact you have no teeth when you're born!

Octopus Hugs
It means you are unwise. =)


Edit: ARGH someone beat me to the joke!

Just means they didn't develop.

Very fortunate.
I've never gotten them either.

Nothin! You didnt even have any teeth when you were born!

it means you have no wisdom

it means....are you ready.....that you where born with out them, there's nothing worn gwith that just saves you from the pain of having them tooken out, be happy.

It means you are lucky.

They can be a real pain (literally).

That said my partially erupted one was checked today and it's been good this time. I hope it stays that way.

Its Just Me
It means money in your pocket. Because most people have to have them pulled and you are lucky that you don't have too.

abhijit m
It does not mean that one does not have any wisdom. It actually means that a person is more evolved physically. Its a process of evolution. We have descended from apes who had 40 teeth , large jaws & small & backward brain. As man evolved, the brain size expanded & jaw size is declining & receeding & so did the teeth.Some babies r now born with only 28 teeth , no wisdom teeth. Its all about evolution.We r getting bigger brain size & smaller jaws.So why shouldnt the teeth not compensate.

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